International Competition


Best Film Award – The Serendipity Award

Wild Tides/ Lu Po-Shun

For its youthful spirit and its innocence, For maintaining a form while never neglecting the magical virtue of the unexpected and the charm of chance. It portrays a real freedom that has no price and substitute while creating art.

National Taiwan University of Arts | Taiwan


Seide / Elnura Osmonalieva

A moving story, beautifully directed and acted, all the more moving since it is emotionally restrained. Magnificently shot in a large landscape.

 Tisch School of the Arts, New York University | USA


Best Director

The Art of Not Appearing/ Pernille Rivedal Hellevik

The jury was delighted by this film’s visual style, humor and wonderful imagination in its storytelling, for its sophisticated blend of original voice and cinematic elements.

Columbia University | USA ‎


Best Script

Heritage/ Yuval Aharoni

For the words and for what is between the words. For what is said, and especially for all that is not said in the film, we reward the screenplay award for a film that has strummed on the tenderness of our hearts.

 The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, Tel Aviv University | Israel


Best Cinematography

A Night in Tokoriki/ Director: Roxana Stroe, cinematographer: Laurentiu Raducanu

A film that perfectly blends the form with the story, technically bringing out the content via precise and beautifully awkward framing.

Universitatea de Arta, Teatrala si Cinematografica “I.L. Caragiale”‎ | Romania


Best Editing

Dekalb Elementary/ Reed Van Dyk

Even though the subject of attacks in American schools has been seen plenty of times, Dekalb touching the audience throws a whole panel of strong emotions mainly supported by the impressive performance of the actors and the brilliant editing. The editing gives the right rhythm that the story deserves.

 School of Theater, Film and Television, University of California, Los Angeles | USA


Honorable Mention 

Gabi/ Michael Fetter Nathansky

A film that takes the audience to the least anticipated places in every plot turn, creating a fascinating and touching character. A film that has the ability to find the magical and the invisible in everyday life and banality.

Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF | Germany




Israeli Competition

Best Film Award

 A Night With No Dawn / Sara Bozakov


Over a single night, in a single, barren setting, the longings, aspirations, desperation, the physical discomfort and the emotional depth of five characters are revealed in this perfect short film.
Sara Boazakov together with her excellent collaborators in front and behind the camera managed to find a rare harmony between the visual texture of the film and the essence of the story it captures.  These five men enter the frame, and our awareness, as nameless  almost invisible visitors in our society, and by the end of the film they will vanish again,  but in between, in the darkness of the night  and the quiet of the desert, if we look carefully enough and listen closely, they will tell us where they are coming from and we, the audience, will understand something about where they hope to go.
There is poetry in every shot, emotional accuracy in every line of dialogue and a straightforward sincerity that is reflected in the basic conceptual choices the filmmakers made. The film is both mesmerizing to watch and has a burning social relevance that is at once specific to Israel but will and should resonate globally.

Minshar School of Art

Best Script

Home Made / Shira Meishar 

A story about Loneliness.
The director and screenwriter, Shira Meishar, honestly portrays the worlds of a woman and a man who meet by chance at a small restaurant in Jerusalem. This short film manages to avoid cliches of nightly encounters between man and women while enabling us a close and personal encounter with its heroes.
It is a well-written script, delicate yet powerful at the same time.
Avoiding loud dramas, focusing on restraint acting and small gestures wonderfully acted by Evgenia Dodina and Yoav Hait.

Ma’aleh School of Television, Film & Arts, Jerusalem

Best Cinematography

A Fire Will Burn / Tohar Lev Jacobson

In the Israeli competition, we saw many excellent works of cinematography. It was not an easy decision, to choose the right one, so we took the help of one of the thoughts of Leo Tolstoy, “In my little village I can find all of the universe”
A film that was shot during one day in a park, which through its preciseness and well-chosen camera positions opened a whole world for us.

Musrara, the Naggar Multidisciplinary School for Art and Society

Best Editing

Madre Tierra / Shir Newman

Madre Tierra has been a so particular and unique film in this great competition.  A film that we felt it should be shown everywhere to everybody.
A classical topic which is so beautifully told, shown, in a so minimalistic way. It remains us that giving birth should be taken into consideration as a holy time event that we should carefully receive.
The film simply reminds us that we are part of the earth, linked to this “Tierra”.
We have also been particularly touched by the strong connection there is between the father and the mother, by the way the father closely accompanies his wife.
Finally, we also wanted to Mention the wonderful soundtrack which sticks so wonderfully to the film.

Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and Arts

The Independent Short-Film Competition

Best Film Award

Voicemail / Amir Faherdin

Best Film – Second Place

Large Soldier / Noa Gusakov 

Honorable Mention 

The Unknown Soldier /  Efim Graboy