Realism Workshop /
Realism Workshop

The tradition of realism in cinema presents films that seemingly succeed in duplicating reality without interpretation or stylistic influence, with the participation of actors that are not professional, while using natural lighting and existing locations. These are everyday stories that do not aspire to create a contrived script structure. All the means and techniques are aimed at reproducing life, creating a sense of authenticity, and presenting an ostensibly objective picture of the world.

Students from the Tisch School of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University created films based on the tradition of realism – that inspired them to write, direct and produce 5 short films that are loyal to the spirit of realism, while also conducting a fascinating contemporary dialogue that reflects the spirit of their creators and Israeli reality, as seen through their eyes.

Project Supervisor: Michal Vinik

Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 1
Friday, 18:30
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