The Independent Short-Film Competition
About the competition

The Short Independent Film Competition is taking place for the fourth time this year. Its goal is to provide a platform for the independent short creation, which constitutes a fresh and innovative voice in the Israeli film industry. In contrast to those creations competing in other frameworks of the festival, the films presented in this competition were not produced in film school, but rather as independent production of the creators.

The world of creativity which takes place outside of the academic greenhouses is a unique field of action which presents new and complex challenges alongside freedom for creativity and thinking. The short independent film is a rare opportunity to witness this, and to recognize the signature of the director as it is gradually being formed and his ideas and ways of expression, which are about to continue to ripen in later work.

The film industry in Israel is in a great movement forward, and it is exciting to notice this also within the independent movies which are created as a part of it. Out of no less than ninety films submitted this year to the contest, Fifteen were admitted, and they express extraordinary creative richness and valor.

I am proud to invite you to watch the films in the contest and get a first-hand impression of variable, original and courageous independent creation.

Ori Birger
Director of the Short Independent Film Competition

Participating Schools


Aurit Zamir / 26 min
Eilat is 17 years old, almost alone, and pregnant. The film depicts one night at Eilat’s babysitting


Omri Levy / 13 min.
An exhausted young mother, a man with a big black SUV, and a destructed red car. It

Everlasting Mom

Elinor Nechemya / 13 Minutes
A daughter's fantasy of her extravagant mother in her magical house and garden. The director’s mother's figure,


Amikam Kovner / 28 min
16-years-old Yiftach is kicked out of boarding school. He returns to his father's sheep farm, the place


Tom Shoval / 22 min.
Tamara, a young Tel Avivian sits at a coffee shop, preoccupied with her own thoughts when she


Yaara Agnon / 15 min.
A local contemporary peek into 'Jazar Crew'; a group of 5 young men leading an Arab underground

Large Soldier

Noa Gusakov / 23 min.
It's 1973. A war rages in Israel, and all that 15-year-old Sherry wants is a boyfriend. She


Assaf Machnes / 17 min.
Shai used to be a tough commander and Kedem used to be his tormented rookie. Things change.

Like Home

Keren Bergman / 25 min.
After breaking up from her boyfriend, Lior joins to a camping trip with her elder brother and

Revital is an Alien

Gan de Lange / 16 min.
Gabriela is thrilled when she finds a baby alien in the forest; she always dreamed of having


Adi Shinar / 16 min.
Chen and her mother Vicky are driving down to Eilat for a vacation. But Vicky has other

Take 3

Ayelet Bechar / 15 min.
A Palestinian refugee visiting his ruined village was filmed by an Israeli film crew in 1969. By

The Unknown Soldier

Efim Graboy / 8 min
An intimate investigation of World War II Soviet veteran, 92 years old Newsak Weis or as he

The Woman Who Wanted to Kill Someone

Veronica Kedar / 7 min.
A young woman who is tired of the violence in Israel 2016 decides to take the law


Amir Faherdin / 26 min.
Akram is an Arab construction worker living in a laborers’ apartment in Tel Aviv. He falls in

Janus Billeskov-Jansen

Jury Member of the Independent Short Film Competition

Danish film editor and director. Janus Billeskov-Jansen has worked on a large number of internationally acclaimed documentaries and fiction features, and has cooperated with most of the influential Danish directors in the past 30 years; most significant is the lifelong creative relationship with the Academy Award winning director Billie August. He is most well-known for The Hunt (2012), The Act of Killing (2012), and Les Miserables (1998). Billeskov-Jansen won the 2009 Sundance World Cinema Documentary Film Editing Award for his work on Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country (2008). Since 1979 he has been teaching editing and narrative at The National Film School of Denmark.

The editor and director Janus Billeskov-Jansen will hold a masterclass during the festival.

Two films he edited, The Act of Killing and The Hunt, will be screened. The Act of Killing will be followed by a Q&A with the him.

Mr. Jansen’s participation was made possible thanks to the Editors Guild.


Zohar Wagner

Jury Member of the Independent Short-Film Competition

Documentary filmmaker and performance artist. Zohar Wagner’s work explores femininity, body image, female sexuality, and the balance of power between men and women. Her self-revealing 4 feature length documentaries draw a fascinating portrait of a modern woman who refuses to bend to conventions and one that tries to define a modern feminine identity. Wagner’s films include Zorki (2006) Stretch Marks (2009), Doll – Why Did You Dance Naked? (2012), and A Tale of Two, (2016). She is also a singer-poet in the band Zohar Wagner and the Stinkers.