About Shorts on the Way “Revach”

About Shorts on the Way “Revach”

The pre-premiere screening of the winning films in the project "Short on the Way: Revach" 2021.

Filmmakers at the beginning of their professional careers were invited to submit proposals for short fiction films that translate the concept of "Revach" into cinema. The word “Revach” in Hebrew has multiple meanings. It can be translated into English as ‘space’ or ‘gap’, ‘profit’ or ‘relief’, ‘benefit’ or ‘gain’, or maybe even as ‘welfare’ or ‘redemption’.

Love Has Nothing to Do With It  Director & Scriptwriter: Yotam Knispel

Pleasures of the Flesh in the Sun  Director & Screenwriter: Oshri Zeituni

The "Short on the Way" project is a joint initiative of TISFF and Gesher Multicultural Film Fund. The project is intended to strengthen the status of the short film and allow young filmmakers at the beginning of their professional path to express themselves and move towards their first full-length feature film.

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