Ran Bensimon

Ran Bensimon is a technological artist specializing in video production, 3D animation, modeling, rendering, AI, and AR. He focuses on creating immersive digital experiences through virtual productions and innovative technologies, integrating cinema, fashion, and gaming in his work with leading brands and institutions.

In recent years, Ran has showcased his work at prestigious international exhibitions and festivals, including the “Panorama” exhibition of Le Fresnoy in France, Videoforms Festival in Clermont-Ferrand, Morgan Library & Museum in New York, MMMAD Festival in Madrid, CADAF Festival in Paris, and the “Bikkurim 3” exhibition in Jerusalem, featuring works created in Japan and southern France. Ran has collaborated with international brands such as BALENCIAGA and Michael Kors, creating digital content for magazines including Esquire and Savoir Flair, as well as for many cosmetics companies such as Benefit and L’Oréal.