Isaac Nabwana

Isaac Nabwana, also known as Nabwana I.G.G., is a Ugandan film director, screenwriter, and producer who is celebrated as a pioneer of the local film industry. Born and raised in Kampala, Uganda’s capital, Nabwana began his filmmaking career under challenging circumstances and with minimal budgets. Alongside his wife Harriet, he founded “Ramon Film Productions,” based in the Wakaliga neighborhood of Kampala, which has become known for its bold and independent filmmaking.

Nabwana gained renown for his action films, characterized by local humor, innovative special effects, and captivating plots. His most renowned work, “Who Killed Captain Alex?”, made on a budget of just $200, achieved viral fame and garnered global attention, largely due to his creative use of limited resources. Nabwana’s films embody the inventive spirit and ingenuity of Uganda’s emerging film industry, serving as an inspiration to aspiring filmmakers worldwide.