Alma Ben Zeev


The Jury’s Comment: A fascinating and lively portrait is raised by the point of view of “Mira” the protagonist, as documented by her granddaughter, in a peaceful manner from memories whom in the middle stands one of the fathers of Israeli documentary cinema, David Perlov. David’s story, from the eyes of Mira, sheds new lights to the life of the husband, father, grandfather, and director. The creation embodies feminine and intergenerational dialogue that creates new and rare familiarity with parts of “Diary” and Perlov’s significance as a creator. Mira’s point of view, and experiences at her late age permit a shrewd perspective of the balance between art and family. The strength and power of the creation, derived from the touching and feminine honesty of the protagnist’s love of cinema. This creations, among others are considered honorable mentions.

Written & Directed by: Alma Ben Zeev (Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, Tel Aviv University).