This year marks the sixth year of the Independent Short Film Competition. Over 100 films were submitted, of which 13 were selected and will be screened in three sets.Unlike the student competitions, the participating films were not produced within the framework of a film school, rather as an independent production.

As the directors of the competition, we see great importance in presenting to students in Israel and around the world, as well as to the general public, diverse independent work, including feature films, documentaries and animations. The one common aspect the competing films share is that they were made with love of cinema and with devotion to the filmmaking process throughout its stages. Our curation process was guided by the inconceivable charm of a short film, a magic we are not able to precisely place.

We are proud to present the selected films, and welcome you to view the impressive independent creation that is diverse, unique, and brave.

Liri Ben Dror and Shiri Havazelet

Competition Directors