The Israeli Competition

A Love Letter to the One I Made Up

Rachel Gutgarts / 6 min.
On a lonely walk home from a disappointing date, the protagonist’s reality is intertwined with an >>

A Meaningful Job

Shira Florentin / 17 min.
It’s important for Hili to do her job as a casualty assistance officer in the IDF >>

As I Watch You From Afar

Omer Weiss / 13 min.
A young man is waiting for the bus alone at night. A series of absurd encounters >>

Asa Turns 13

Sali Elimelech / 30 min.
Asa lost his mother and lives with his father in a small southern city in Israel. >>

Bus 881

Ron Goldin / 29 min.
On one bus line that crosses Dormagen you can see a social microcosm. From refugees who >>


Tommy Shles Shafrir / 13 דקות
Omri, a 13 year old boy, is sexually harassed by his much older basketball coach. In >>


Hila Royzenman / 13 min.
Natasha makes a bet with her husband on whether she can change their daughter's mind about >>

Homeward Bound

Tamar Goren / 23 Min.
During the hot and humid August days in Tel Aviv, while her parents are going through >>

In His Place

Ofir Feldman / 23 min.
Omar arrives to his parents׳ house with the baby girl of his beloved woman, Ma’ayan, who >>


Daniel Shiffman / 12 min.
Lev (67) lives alone in his apartment, which seems like a shrine for his late husband. >>


Omer Noat / 29 min.
A military reserve soldier is sent to secure antennas in the desert, and he make friends >>


Maayan (May) Abadi Grebler / 30 min.
24-year-old Melody lives with her mother Victoria. She will do anything to win her mother’s love, >>

My Father’s Son

Hillel Rate / 32 min.
The loving symbiotic relationship between a father and his 36-year-old son is put to the test >>

Next Stop

Einat Gaulan / 11 min.
Ruth‘s voice is the announcements voice on the bus, everyone hears her, but no one listens >>


Lihi Sabag / 15 min.
Sima is admitted to an institute and gives up her son for adoption. On his birthday, >>

Portrait of My Family in My 13th Year

Omri Dekel-Kadosh / 16 min.
Omri tries to direct a scene that recreates the day his dog died, with the participation >>


Aida Kaadan / 16 דקות
Samir, 43, is the owner of a shoe shop in Ramallah who has never seen the >>

The Bear

Doreen Shwartzman / 7 דקות
In a small, dark, isolated apartment, a father and daughter watch television together. The food, the >>

The Child

Daria Turetski / 23 דקות
Completing the paperwork for immigration to Israel, Ania, from Ukraine, learns that her dad, whom she >>

The Men Behind the Wall

Ines Moldavsky / 28 min.
Ines, an Israeli woman from Tel Aviv, makes contact with men from the West Bank through >>

Together and Alive

Iara schteimberg / 12 min.
Through old letters and pictures, the filmmaker attempts to bring her great-grandmother’s story back to life >>.


Rotem Katz / 14 min.
Iris goes on an agonizing journey in the small hours of the night that maybe, for >>

Two of Every Kind

Efrat Chen, Naor Zana, Neta Bar / 8 min.
The animals boarded Noah’s Ark in couples in the hopes of saving themselves. Among the couples >>

Vivid Ruthie

Gal Rosenbluth / 15 min.
18-year old Ruthie is an old soul. She is temporarily taking care of her grandmother, who >>

Well Done

Omer Ben Simon, Aryeh Hasfari / 25 min.
Today in the family dinner, Omer‘s celebrity cousin got a bad review that hurts the family‘s pride. >>

Worth Every Penny: Hunting Game

Erika Cumpton /
Hunting Game" is based on a post made by "Rusty Nail" in a “Street Prostitutes” Forum, >>

Worth Every Penny: Love

Paz Bernstein /
"Love" is based on a sex worker's testimony made on Facebook page "When He Pays me" >>

Worth Every Penny: Lump in the Throat

Muli Asido /
"Lump in the Throat" is based on a post made by "yoav1" in "Banging" Forum >>