The International Competition


Dan Bronfeld / 18 min.
The humanity of an orphaned boy is put to the test when the director of the >>

An Act of Love

Lucy Knox / 11 min.
A close bond between identical twins is tested when one sister rebels against their shared sense >>

Apollo Javakheti

Bakar Cherkezishvili / 16 min.
Bandura is a young, socially challenged boy who lives in the mountains of Javakheti. He spends >>

Atlantis, 2003

Michal Blaško / 30 min.
2003. Martin and Denisija, a young couple from Ukraine, take off on a journey to illegally >>

Blind Mouth

Siew Hong Leong / 16 min.
In a dystopian world, a father works as an assistant to a doctor who seals the >>

British by the Grace of God

Sean Dunn / 16 min.
Scotland during the summer of the Brexit referendum. A day in Irene’s life, a waning beauty >>


Mara Tamkovich / 30 min.
On the sixteenth birthday of his daughter Kamila, Piotr comes home to find her bleeding and unconscious.


Naomi Meroz / 30 min.
Gabi spends the Seder night alone. Her mother tries to reach out to her, calling again >>

Deglet Nour

Sofiane Halis / 18 min.
Ismael is a construction worker who is out of work. He dreams of building entire cities >>

Don´t Hate the Player

Héctor Herce Sánchez / 13 min.
Gael and Yuki enjoy playing games. He is fashion photographer and she is a model. Gael >>


Nils Janssens / 4 min.
Wandering between three nationalities, Andrusha (Drush) is searching for self-esteem in the hope of finding balance >>

Earthly People

Ádám Freund / 27 min.
Ábel, 12, has to face the fact that his parents are living in two completely different >>


Bernhard Wenger / 24 min.
A couple goes away on vacation. When Aron’s girlfriend disappears unexpectedly, he goes looking for her >>

Facing Mecca

Jan-Eric Mack / 27 min.
Pensioner Roli comes to Fareed’s assistance when the Syrian refugee is faced with the burial of >>


Joe Sulsenti / 7 min.
Fishy explores the relationship between a father and son through an uncanny, life-threatening situation where the >>


Heleen Declercq / 15 min.
A personal search through a mosaic of portraits of young women, in the hope of breaking >>


Tamara Todorović / 15 min.
Milica goes to the pub with the intention of renewing her relationship with Milan, a married man.


Áron Szentpéteri / 32 min.
Two people meet in the darkness of an invisible exhibition. The film follows them as they >>

Last Respect

Reut Dagbar Agami / 25 min.
A long wait in the emergency room leads to a charged meeting between a sick father >>

Little Italian Girls

Letizia Lamartire / 18 min.
Italy, 1943. The fascist regime passes an order that bans all production and sales of toys. >>

Little Manifesto Against Solemn Cinema

Roberto Porta / 15 min.
A trivial story about two people that meet at a party and spend the night together >>


Eddie Rubio / 19 min.
After the death of his father, Jorge, a Mexican luchador (pro-wrestler), returns to the gym where >>


Yair Fridman / 32 min.
Hila (14) is an empathic and sensitive girl, trapped in an inappropriate relationship with a woman >>


Clara Stern / 30 min.
Mathias is a transgender. Although he is at peace with his decision to live as >>

Nuclear Shadows

Marek Leszczewski / 15 min.
A lone boy wanders the desolate wastes that once were his homeland, after a catastrophic event >>


Anna Roller / 17 min.
Juno, a twenty-year-old girl, becomes obsessed with Pan, the God of the forest. At a techno >>


Aline Magrez / 23 min.
Big machines. Laughter. Or rather screams. A fair and disturbing weirdness. A refugee in a labyrinth >>

Poles Apart

Paloma Baeza / 12 min.
Poles Apart tells the story of an unlikely meeting between Nanuk, a tough female polar bear >>


Ariel Pariente / 21 min.
Sami and his younger brother Yehuda go to see a movie, unaware of the >>


Alexandre Lefebvre / 22 min.
Exploring visual impairment through the daily life of Chloe (11), Alex (17) and Salma (21), all >>


Pang-Chuan Huang / 19 min.
Two journeys take place in two different periods. One is a return by rail, passing through >>

Rose Garden

Hannu-Pekka Peltomaa / 22 min.
An elderly group of people living in a nursing home decide they are fed up with >>

Royal Affairs

Jade Li / 16 min.
Greg, a bored and unimaginative worker, is having a bad day at the office, when aliens >>


Zara Dwinger / 26 min.
15 year-old Kay lives a boy's life, until the enchanting Melody sails into his life and >>

Spring Like Lovers

Daisuke Shigaya / 30 min.
Shin and Kazu are gay lovers. One day they have a fight over a trivial matter. >>


Shadi Habib Allah / 17 min.
Brother and sister, Muhand and Rasha, move to a new village and are subjected to ridicule >>

The Closing Balance

Sajal Anand / 27 min.
A complex relationship between a father and his daughter gets even more complicated when one >>

The Day My Mother Became a Monster

Joséphine Hopkins / 24 min.
Since her parents’ divorce, Candice lives alone with her mother. As her birthday approaches, the little >>

The Fruits of Clouds

Katerina Karhankova / 10 min.
The story of a little furry creature who comes to a great discovery by overcoming the >>

The Sight

Alejandro Pérez / 20 min.
The audience at a small circus becomes the lead role of a unique, extraordinary performance. Their >>

The Summer of Mischief

Michaela Poláková / 28 min.
A father and his son spending their summer vacation in the pool-keeping business, at a pool >>

The Unbeaked

Hugo Glavier / 5 min.
A beak isn't a big deal. That is, one could easily do without it. Yet >>

Thicker Than Water

Laras Reinstar / 23 min.
Kim is a 23 year-old kickboxer used to putting up a tough front. Her daily routine >>


Odeya Rosenak / 17 min.
Fifteen year old Noga lost her father in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem. On Memorial Day >>


Jérémie Becquer / 6 min.
A rat poet, whose hopeful poetry contrasts the world in which he lives, gets confronted with >>

Where the Summer Goes (Chapters on Youth)

David Pinheiro Vicente / 20 min.
It is summer, a boy and his friends go to the river. On their way >>