The International Competition
About the competition

27 countries, 46 film schools, 29 female directors and 34 male directors that created films dealing with immigration and being refugees, with coming of age, young motherhood and a sense of family, new beginnings, bereavement and strange enchanting worlds – all come together for one week of a young, daring, bold, innovative and exciting film celebration.

The International Competition is the Festival’s flagship competition. Every year, it provides the platform for a fascinating encounter between the worlds of culture and content for film students with one thing in common: a passion for filmmaking. The competition is one of the largest of its type in the world, and is an opportunity to expose the next promising generation of young filmmakers. Each film selected for the competition is unique, and brings with it a distinctive perspective.  


Talia Wigoder and Klil Kovesh

Directors of the International Competition

Participating Schools
Universidad del Cine, Buenos Aires, Argentina
School of Audio Engineering, Creative Media Institute, Australia
Filmacademy Vienna, Austria
Higher School of the Arts, Belgium
Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound, Belgium
Institut des Arts de Diffusion, Belgium
Sao Paulo University School of Communications and Arts, Brazil
Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada
Beijing Film Academy, China
The Academy of Film, Hong Kong Baptist University, China
Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech ‎Republic
Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland
La Fémis, France
Le Fresnoy, France
Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, Germany
Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, Germany
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Hamburg Media School, Germany
State Institute of Film and Television, India
Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Italy‎
Ma'aleh School of Television, Film & the Arts, Jerusalem, Israel
The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, Tel Aviv University, ‎Israel
Sam Spiegel Film & Television School, Jerusalem, Israel
Japan Institute of the Moving Image ‎
Nihon University, College of Art, Japan
Netherlands Film Academy
The Norwegian Film School
University of Guadalajara, Department of Image and Sound, Mexico
University of Silesia, Krzysztof Kieslowski Faculty of Radio and ‎Television, Poland
Gdynia Film School, Poland
The Polish National Film Television and Theatre School
Universitatea de Arta, Teatrala si Cinematografica "I.L. Caragiale", ‎Romania
Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Serbia
Film and TV Faculty, Academy of Performing Arts, Slovakia
Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne, Switzerland
Dokuz Eylül University, Turkey ‎
National Taiwan University of Arts
School of Theater, Film and Television, University of California, Los ‎Angeles, USA
New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, USA
Columbia University, USA
University of North Carolina School of the Arts, USA
Emerson College, USA
Loyola Marymount University, School of Film and Television, USA‎
Stanford University, USA
Escuela de Medios Audiovisuales, Universidad de Los Andes, ‎Venezuela

(A Ray of Light) Keren Or

Lihi Sabag / ‏30 min
Michal has been a single parent since she was seventeen. Living close to poverty in a ‎housing

7 Centimeters

Metehan Şereflioğlu / 16 min
Erdem goes to high school. The principle warns him to cut his hair to obey the school

A Night in Tokoriki

Roxana Stroe / ‏18 min
In "Tokoriki", an improvised nightclub, the whole village celebrates Geanina’s 18th birthday. ‎Her boyfriend and Alin will

A Test

Zuxiang Zhao / ‏20 min
The story happens in a high school of a small town in China, far away from the

A Time to Stay, A Time to Leave

Xu Jingxin / ‏30 min
The film follows Stanley, an Igbo refugee from Nigeria, resettled in Hong Kong. Stanley is an activist

About Birds and Bees ‎

Janne Vanhanen / ‏12 min
A quiet farmer and his son set out on a trip to the pharmacy, after the teen


Bartosz Kruhlik ‎ / ‏25 min
‎1. Process of an individual becoming better suited to environment and more resistant to ‎outer stress‎ ‎2. The


Mirene Igwabi / 16 min
In the face of an African family tradition imposed on her in Australia, fourteen-year-old Adele is torn

All of us

Katja Benrath / ‏22 min
For a decade, Kenya has been targeted by terrorist attacks. Anxiety and mistrust between Muslims and Christians


Leopold Legrand / 14 min
Angelika has probably seen too much for a seven year old. However, she never complains and carries


Yuval Shapira / ‏19 min
A mother leaves her crying infant at home at night to go and buy baby formula. She

Between Us

Maciej Miller / ‏30 min
A young couple in their 20's are expecting a child, but don’t know how they will cope.

Big Sister

Michal Genser ‎ / ‏13 min
Gili has a clear and violent agenda towards male sexual offenders. When she discovers her ‎younger brother


Stéphane Myczkowski / ‏17 min
Since the 2010s, many American cities equip their police officers with body cameras, small recording devices worn

Cigarbox Blues

Christopher Kaufmann / ‏23 min
After a suicide attempt, Derek, a cynical blues singer, meets his biggest fan: Adam. A story ‎about

Coin Boy

Li chuan-yang / ‏26 min
A coming of age story of Tai, whose family owns a claw machine business. A payment is

Dekalb Elementary

Reed Van Dyk‎ / ‏21 min
The film is inspired by an actual call to the police during a school shooting incident in


Ole Sebastian Kåss / ‏25 min
Kristin, who works on her family’s fox farm, will do anything to save what’s left of her

Dreaming of Baltimore

Lola Quivoro / ‏26 min
Freedom means only one thing for Akro: riding his dirt bike in the street, his front wheel

Evil Deeds

Piotr Domalewski / ‏24 min
Max, son of a hospital cleaner, has been caught trying to steal a patient's wallet. The old

Fish Out of Water

Yuta Takasu / ‏31 min
Summer 2015, a northeast coast town of Japan. Three sisters, who had lost their parents to the

Forest of Echoes

Maria Luz Olivares Capelle / 30 min
Christina finds the bodies of three girls on the shore of a lagoon. Sometime later (or earlier?)

Frankie 15‎

Livia Perneel / ‏18 min
A story about meaningful friendship, exploring sexuality and being young in Brussels. Frankie wants to have sex

Gabber Lover

Anna Cazenave-Cambet / ‏13 min
2000’s, Nérac. Laurie and Mila (13) dance nearby a lake in the forest. Mila is in love


Michael Fetter Nathansky / ‏30 min
Gabi is a floor tiler, and Marco is her trainee. Lately, Marco has begun rehearsing with Gabi

God on a Leash

Varun Chopra / ‏15 min
Two ancestral art forms survive through the veneration of Hanuman, a Hindu deity with a monkey face


Yuval Aharoni / ‏25 min
Noam, a young gay guy, discovers that his father, who just passed away, had a secret ‎romance

Husband Jan with Family

Pavol Cizmar / ‏20 min
Portrait of a man conciliating with the temporariness of the old world. A story of a family

I Just Wanted You to Say

Vanessa Silva / ‏21 min‎
Marcela doesn't know what to expect from her fling with Bruno. Even so, she expects something to

I Made You I Kill You

Alexandru Petru Badelita / ‏14 min
In a mix of video, animation, photographs, children’s drawings, music and voice-overs, we hear the story of

In Ayah’s eyes

David Wagner / ‏20 min
For almost two years Natalie’s husband Emin fought as a jihadist in Syria, leaving his wife ‎and

In the Parking Lot

Juliana Orea / ‏15 min
Lis and Gonzo are waiting in a parking lot for their father to arrive. Upon his return,

Last Call

Milena Grujić / ‏17 min
On a foggy night in Belgrade three friends rob a supermarket. Their escape attempt leads ‎to unexpected

Like the Wolves

Aude Sublet / ‏20 min
The "Wolf" patrol, led by Julie, a young scout, goes off into the wilderness, camping in the

Ma Yan Chan: Waves of Transition

Jonas Scheu / ‏29 min
For generations, porters have lived and worked a river bank in Myanmar. In a time of ‎political

Mayday relay

Florian Tscharf / 15 min
When sailor Max and his daughter receive a mayday call on the Mediterranean Sea, they act immediately

My second eye

Ahmad Saleh ‎ / ‏11 min
A cruel war has taken the home of two brothers. Their mother protects them under her arms

Night Flight

Clara L’Heureux-Garcia / ‏16 min‎
The time of a truce, the time of a night, words shall awaken the sleeping scenery.


Kohei Hayashi / ‏30 min
Deploring her own mediocrity, Chika decides to change herself and abruptly leaves home. ‎Even though she starts

Red Apples

George Sikharulidze / ‏15 min
The morning after her wedding, a young Armenian bride wakes up to a test of her ‎‎"worthiness",

Restless Wanderers

Kalina Alabrudzinska / ‏30 min
Konstancja is 40; she should be married with kids and have a hunky lover. But she doesn’t

Sandy Beach

Thanos Papastergiou‎ / ‏12 min
Late summer, Southern Crete. A woman takes her father for their usual Sunday swim and a ‎break


Elnura Osmonalieva / ‏11 min
Young Seide lives in a secluded mountain village in the heart of Kyrgyzstan. She loves her ‎freedom

Silence ‎

Liu Mengjiao‎ / ‏28 min‎
Before her wedding, Suizi decided to tell her future husband a deeply hidden secret, which leads to

Ten Bell Tolls

Eli Rezik / ‏24 min
The story of Elias, a 10-year-old reticent orphan living with his grandparents: a priest and a ‎delusional


Shirley Bruno / ‏28 min
A restless daughter meets a spirit-fish who gives her pure water. But as her family devours ‎the

The Art of Not Appearing

Pernille Rivedal Hellevik / ‏14 min
After years of solitude and obsession, two ghosts cross paths and are forced to question their reasons

The Babysitter

Frédéric Chalté / ‏18 min‎
Nathalie is getting ready to spend the night babysitting. The evening turns to horror when she finds

The Bride’s Tree

Shadi Habib Allah ‎ / ‏20 min
A twelve-year-old boy is put in charge of watching over a 400-year-old tree that all the weddings

The Elusive

Ely Chevillot ‎ / ‏18 min‎
When Catherine comes to pick up her son Clément from swimming lessons, she is told that he

The Fishermen

Bára Anna Stejskalová / ‏10 min
A short stop-motion film about the capability of holding onto one's self-awareness in a technology-driven age, told

The Guilt, Probably

Michael Labarca / ‏14 min
It is the dead of night and there is a blackout in a Venezuelan city. A single

The Happy Days

Agostina Guala / ‏15 min‎
An instance in the life of a family. The individual struggles of the family when their everyday

The Limit

Sonia Saharan / ‏24 min
The film revolves around the 17-year-old daughter of a middle class family, who has got ‎pregnant without

The Return

Damian Kocur / ‏21 min
Ania comes out of prison on her first thirty-hour leave. At home, her husband and toddler ‎son

The Sleeping Saint

Laura Samani / ‏19 min
In the day of the annual procession, Silene was found in a state of seeming death, but

The Swan

Daniel Chavez Ontiveros / ‏22 min
A Mexican transwoman who migrated to the United States after experiencing gender ‎discrimination in her hometown, decides

The World We Live In

Hanna Fischer, Sofia Melnyk, Nina Prango / ‏17 min
A partly animated film portraying Eastern European migrant workers that are subject to ‎labor exploitation, unemployment, and

Time to Go

Grzegorz Mołda / ‏15 min
Marta works at her father’s automobile repair shop. After her boyfriend is arrested, Marta is faced with

Untitled Dogme

Neil Soffer / ‏18 min
A graduating film student is forced to be honest about his romantic intentions with the actress he

When Grey is a Colour

Marit Weerheijm / ‏27 min
Is life worth living when all your days are grey? In this coming-of-age film, young Cato is

Wild Tides

Lu Po-Shun / ‏26 min
It's the harvest season in the village and the protagonist, a young boy, looks for ‎opportunities to

Eran Kolirin

Jury Member of the International Competition

Eran Kolirin’s feature film debut as a director, The Band’s Visit (2007), thrust him into the international spotlight, winning critical acclaim and over 50 prestigious awards from around the globe including eight Israeli Film Academy awards, two awards, and a special mention at the Cannes Film Festival and two European Film Awards. Kolirin’s first credit was the screenplay for the film Tzur Hadassim, which won the screenwriting prize at the Jerusalem International Film Festival in 1999. In 2004, Kolirin wrote and directed the TV movie The Long Journey. The Exchange is his second feature film. In 2016, his film Beyond the Mountains and Hills was selected in the Un Certain Regard section in Cannes.


Michał Marczak

Jury Member of the International Competition

Polish director. Michał Marczak’s latest film, All These Sleepless Nights, premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival where it won the Best Directing Award. His previous film, Fuck for Forest, premiered at SXSW and Rotterdam IFF. The film is considered to be the most highly-screened Polish Documentary of 2013, being released cinematically in a number of countries. It was chosen by UK’s Dazed and Confused magazine as one of the “top ten most innovative and genre-pushing docs of recent years”. Marczak also occasionally directs music videos. His recent collaborations include Mark Pritchard featuring Thom Yorke, Radiohead, and Jacek Sinkiewicz. Currently, Marczak is in the development stage of his new science fiction feature film.

The director Michał Marczak will hold a masterclass during the festival.

His film All These Sleepless Nights will be screened at the opening ceremony of the festival; his film Fuck for Forest will be screened during the festival.

Michał Marczak’s participation was made possible thanks to the support of the Polish Institute in Tel Aviv.


Dimitra Karya

Chairperson of the International Competition Jury

Artistic Director of the of the Cinéfondation Selection in Cannes Film Festival. The Cinéfondation is the student film section of the Festival, and one of the most prestigious in the world for student films. Dimitra Karya was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan to Greek parents and studied French and literature at the University of Athens. Since 1992 she has been living and working in Paris. After a postgraduate degree in Russian, Central & East European Studies at the University of Paris 8 and a training programme in cinema, she worked for a few years at the SACD (the Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers). She joined the selection committee of the Cinéfondation 2006.

Evgenia Dodina

Jury Member of the International Competition

Israeli actress in film and theatre. A graduate of the “GITIS” Royal Art School in Moscow, Evgenia Dodina played in leading roles at the Maiakovski Theatre in Moscow. It was the encounter between Dodina and, Yevgeni Arye, a teacher at the theater that led to her decision to finally emigrate to Israel in 1990. She then started performing at “Gesher” Theatre in Tel Aviv. Evgenia joined the theater upon its establishment, held lead roles in the majority of the theater’s productions, and has garnered praise and enthusiastic reviews.

Ben Thompson

Jury Member of the International Competition

Short Film Programmer of the Tribeca Film Festival. Ben Thompson was born in London to a mix of Welsh and American parents, Ben developed a passion for films and film-making at a young age. After completing his degree in Film and Television Studies from Aberystwyth University in Wales he moved to New York with the aim of working in the film industry. He joined the Tribeca Film Festival in 2003 and began working with the filmmaker and programming teams. After half a decade of watching short film submissions Ben became the festival’s short film programmer. When not programming, Ben gives talks at film schools to young filmmakers and students about festival strategy and submissions. His passion and enthusiasm for short filmmaking has lead Ben to direct and produce dozens of his own short films and documentaries and has screened at festivals around the world.

Zoé Rossion

Jury Member of the International Competition

Head of Distribution at Salaud Morisset, the short film distributor. Zoé Rossion completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Geneva University of Art and Design in 2011. After studying History of Art and History of Cinema at the University of Lausanne, she completed a second bachelor’s degree in filmmaking at the Cinéma du réel – HEAD–Geneva in 2015. She has directed short films that have been screened in international festivals.