About the project

With faith in cinema’s ability to inspire social change, the International Student Film Festival initiated a unique project, the first of its kind – a bus that is now setting out for its now eighth edition.

Rooted in deep understanding, the project strives to spread and sustain the student films and filmmaking outside of central Israel, and bring about an unmediated encounter between the bus travelers and local residents via social action in the field of cinema.

This year, twenty five film students from Israel and abroad will embark on a week-long , cross-country journey, with the films they created, on a bus equipped with a huge screen, projector, and amplification system. The crew will stop by another community each day, conduct activities locally, and hold outdoor screening events open to the public.

This year, The Film Bus aims its attention at a multicultural discourse. The bus will reach various parts of the country, from north to south, with an emphasis on places in which mixed communities reside. All that alongside the bus’s content, expressed through diverse voices of young filmmakers from Israel and abroad.

Participating cities
9.6 - Tel Aviv – Hatikva Quarter
10.6 - Afula
11.6 - Manshiya Zabda - Jezreel Valley Regional Council
12.6 - Migdal HaEmek
13.6 - Degania


Maya Yadlin / 9 min.
Two sisters and their parents are on their way to a holiday dinner in the desert. Their peaceful ride is

Dance of the Houbara

Noa Feldman / 13 min.
Shortly after her husband’s death, Naomi sets out to birdwatch the rare houbara. Her daughter, Tamar, reluctantly follows.


Asaf Zaltsman / 19 min.
Yoni discovers a violent game played in his new school. He must decide whether to participate, or somehow avoid it.


Abeer Abu-Zhaia / 14 min.
13-year-old Ahmad sells “Krembo” at the Jalama checkpoint in Jenin,. After having to drop out of school to help his

Clean the Mud

Oz Cohen Lahav / 6 min.
A young grizzly bear is torn between his relationship with his father and his secret identity.

White Room

בילה סובה / 20 min.
| Two brothers renovate their recently inherited apartment. By working together, they will finally face the traumatic past that has


Daphne Lucker / 15 min.
Three sisters growing up in a dysfunctional family, survive as long as they are together.

Am Cu Ce – Pride

Hannah Weissenborn / 20 min.
Stancu, a Romanian truck driver, has given his nephew a card that enables him to extend his


Timothée Crabbé / 6 min.
Innocent and curious, the child walks on the treadmill of modern life that surrounds him, step by step, he opens