The Film Bus Project
About the project

Based on the belief in the power of cinematic creativity to inspire social change, the International Student Film Festival initiated a unique project, the first of its kind – The Film Bus. The project, now embarking out in its sixth year, strives to broaden the reach of works by young filmmakers throughout the country, as well as an opportunity for direct encounters between the traveling partners and locals residents with social work in the field of cinema.

This year, 25 film students from Israel and around the world will set out on a week-long trip to the south of the country with the films they created, on a bus equipped with a huge screen, projector and sound system. The project’s participants will stop in a different location every day, conduct film workshops for youths, and hold outdoor screenings each evening that will be open to the public.

This year, the film workshops will be held in cooperation with the Public Broadcasting Corporation Kan, that will also screen the workshop products. The workshops, during which participants will direct short documentaries that reflect the story of the place, will begin about two months before the bus’s voyage. The five films that will be created in the five locations will reflect a fascinating mosaic of Israeli society, and will premiere at the various screening evenings, and will later by shown in the festival and on the Public Broadcasting Corporation’s digital platform.

The Film Bus Project is a joint project of the International Student Film Festival and the Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, and is supported by The Film Council, Ministry of Culture and Sport, Public Broadcasting Corporation – Kan, Cilect, Egged Transportation, The Director’s Guild and Dizengoff Center.

Director of the Film Bus Project: Tamar Alon

Participating cities
Kefar Retamim – June 11
Dimona – June 12
Holot Facility – June 13
Nitzana – June 14
Lotan – June 15


Kahina Asnoun / 14 min
Two sisters, Sana and Khalissa, live in a ghetto called "the 4000" in a suburb city. Ever since Sana failed

Orgullo Nacional

ויקטור רויז חונקרה / 11 דקות
1960. The Spain Cyclist Tour is passing by the little town of Sacristàn and, with it, the winner of the


Charlotte Dewulf / 15 min
Before the past and after the future, there is a town where words are physical; one can buy and drink

The Fifth Season

Shadi Habib-Allah / 15 Min
Ziad Khadash, Jalazone refugee camp graduate, is a Palestinian writer who teaches creative writing at a Ramallah elementary school. He

Martina, Ay, Martina

פאטימה מרטין / 12 דקות
Sandwich: roll or slices of bread with a layer of meat, cheese, or other food between them. Typical of those

All of us

Katja Benrath / ‏22 min
For a decade, Kenya has been targeted by terrorist attacks. Anxiety and mistrust between Muslims and Christians are growing. A


Michal Hajaj / 20 min.
Avraham, a middle-class man in his 50's, wakes up one night with a pain in his chest, causing him to

No Child Left Behind

Rani Avidan / 28 min.
Sigal, a cynical high school teacher, makes a bet that she can make her worst student pass an upcoming exam.


Jonathan Hashiloni / 13 min.
A horror-love story between Penny, a young and lonely girl, her shy neighbor Izzy and a troublesome cockroach takes place


Daniel Wiesmen / 10 min.
Dalia gives her young daughter Ella a head lice treatment in the bathroom. When Ella's father arrives unexpectedly to pick