Wander – The International Digital Media Competition

The Digital Media International Exhibition and Competition showcases projects created by students from around the world working in various digital media. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Interactive Installations and Web Platforms are only some of the new means now available to deliver a story. The exhibition focuses on interactive and immersive story-driven works and explores the combination of narrative and advanced technology.

The exhibition also creates a meeting point between the creators and the audience, as well as with professionals and students from other disciplines. We believe that this meeting will  inspire the future generation of storytellers in the new era.

We invite you to take part in a unique event in which innovative storytelling is presented on some of the most advanced platforms in the world, and experience original works redefining  the line between story and technology.

Tess Hashiloni & Daniel Hemed
Digital Media Program Directors


Mikke Battefeld, 11 min.
A journey into the past via reflections of growing up with an estranged mother.

Everybody’s Sad

20 min.
In “Everybody’s Sad”, your apartment is full of sad, living objects who need

Filling Spaces

20 min.
Deep within fragments of memory, parts of interviews and personal items lies the

Floral Dance

Joren Vandenbroucke, 3 min.
After the sun sets on all the flowers, the dancing dead come out

Hermann’s Room

Antonio Librera, 8 min.
The ghost of a World War II veteran roams the halls


Gil Shahin, 12 min.
An interactive experience providing an intimate glimpse into Alzheimer’s disease. A series of challenging scenes


8 min.
Finding a date in today’s world has become an extremely challenging mission. This interactive

Into the Red

Linda Brieda, 30 min.
“There is Life on Mars” was Kara Chander’s final message after

Niflaata (“More wonderful than the love of women”)

An illustrated model showing the biblical story of David and Jonathan from

Pitch Black

10 min.
On July 17, 2014 , a beautiful summer’s day turned into a nightmare for Flight MH17 from