Some will say that Israel can’t produce independent films, That single film creators hardly exist and film no longer lives as a form of art.
“I don’t watch Israeli cinema” is common local proclamation.
Domestic films which eventually receive public appreciation, are generally productions of institutionalized cinema and the independent creators remain unacknowledged.
We are here to prove that there is another way. Every year we receive hundreds of applications for our short film category, sent by a variety of passionate Israeli movie creators that all share the same love to cinema.
Their work portrays the Israeli culture using cutting-edge animation, unbelievable inspiring stories, and breaking all the rules of cinema.
These pieces reflect on modern society and are an artistic voice which isn’t chained by popularity.
More than all – these short pictures utilize the ‘short’ format to present us a complicated world, one which would be difficult to portray in a feature.

Link for Submissions to the Short Independent Competition