90 Minutes

Award Winners


The International Competition

Best Film – Berzah / Deren Ercenk

Extra Prize: Online course lead by Nadav Lapid courtesy of OnCourse

Most Promising Director – Greetings from Nigeria / Peter Hoferica

Best Script – Potted Palm Trees / Rosa Friedrich

Best Cinematography – Bitch / Maelle Corbelet Paradis (a film by Bertile Estramon)

Courtesy of: Anonymous family

Best Editing – J’ador / Christian Marsiglia (a film by Simon Bozzeli)
Audience Award – Pardes / Rotem Katz



The Israeli Competition

Best Film -Mute \ Eilon Bar Tal

Courtesy of: Tel Aviv-Jaffa Mayer 

Extra Prize: Equipment rental courtesy of Glikson
Extra Prize: Sound editing shifts Courtesy of DB Studios

Most Promising Director – Shabbat \ Tal Comay
In the Memory of Anat Kremien

Best Script – Meadow \ Klil Kovesh

Best Cinematography – You and I \ Amalia Zilbershatz-Banay ( a film by Lynn Laor)

Courtesy of: Utopia Camera Lighting Studio

Best Editing – Me vs. The Pigeons \ Gil Vesely (a film by Daniel Reeb)

Extra Prize: Editing and color grading courtesy of Edit 

Audience Award – Evergreen \ Tom Weintraub Louk


The Independent Short Film Competition

Best Film – The Accident \ Omri Dekel Kadosh

Extra Prize: Sound editing shifts Courtesy of Jungle Studios
Most Promising Director – His Death \ Avishai Sivan

Editing and color grading courtesy of LUX Studios

Special Mention – Alla Dakka actor of Paradise

Audience Award – The Last Man \ Bar Elyakim & Maya Kassel



The Experimental Film & Video Program

A program in the courtesy of: Miki Roitman

Best Project – Fujinoyamai \ Sasha Tamin



The International Digital Media Competition

Best Project – The West Flemish Pub Experience / Joren Vandenbroucke



Israeli Film Critics Association

Israeli Film Critics Association Award – Out Of Play \ Romi Menachem

Special Mention of Israeli Film Critics Association – Half A Saba \ Ben Molina

Special Mention of Israeli Film Critics Association – Borekas \ Saleh Saadi


Short on the Way – Production Grants

Flesh and Sun Pleasures \ Oshri Zeituni

It Used to be Love Director \ Yotam Knispel  



Short Animation – Production Grants

Shit Happens \ Moshe Ben Avraham

Sunday Directors and \ Elkie Hershberg Benaim

90 Minutes
Year: 2020