Larry Kasanoff

Larry Kasanoff is a renowned American producer with extensive experience in the film and television industries. Throughout his four decades in Hollywood, Kasanoff was involved in endless projects, among them feature films, television series, music videos and video games. He is mostly well known for producing and being the major force behind the “Mortal Kombat” film series, which is based on the successful video game series. Kasanoff produced most of the films in the series, starting from the highly successful first film, which was released in 1995. Kasanoff also do-founded Lightstorm Entertainment, together with James Cameron, and produced “Blue Steel” (1990), “True Lies” (1994) and “Strange Days” (1995). Kasanoff has vast experience in other areas of the entertainment industry, and continues to seek new and innovative ways to connect different mediums in order to create new and unique entertainment experiences.

Mortal Kombat | 29.6, 19:45, Cinematheque 4, Q&A
True Lies | 30.6, 19:30, Cinematheque 1, Film.

The Madness of Movie Making | 28.6, 15:30, Cinematheque 2