Jacob Secher Schulsinger

Jacob Secher Schulsinger established himself when he edited Ruben Ostlund’s “Play”, which started their longtime collaboration, including working together on the Palme d’Or winning film “The Square”. In addition to Ostlund, Schulsinger has worked with Lars Von-Trier (“Nymphomaniac”, “The House That Jack Built” and the 3rd season of “The Kingdom”), Amat Escalante (“The Uninvited”) and Andrea Arnold (2nd season of “Big Little Lies” and the documentary “Cow”). Schulsinger also has vast experience editing music videos and commercials.

Force Majeure, 25.6, 13:00, Cinematheque 2
Cow | 1.7, 12:00, Cinematheque 2 + Q&A

The Moment of Truth: On the Art of Editing with Jacob Schulsinger | 30.6, 15:00, Cinematheque 2