Elad Keidan

Elad Keidan is an Israeli filmmaker. Graduate of both the Sam Spiegel Film School and Tel Aviv University, his short film ‘Anthem’ won the Cinefondation section at Cannes film festival in 2008, as well as the Israeli Competition in TISFF. His first feature ‘Hayored Lema’ala’ was part of the official selection at Cannes 2015, and won the Haifa film festival along with three Ophir Awards. In 2018 his short film “A Wish and a Half” was screened in the Independent Short Film Competitions in Haifa Film Festival and TISFF. Elad teaches at Sam Spiegel, Minshar & Sapir College. The Iranian director Mohsen Makhmalbaf said that Keidan’s films is distinguished by ‘an original and lucid outlook on the absurdity of existence’.