Space Odyssey – Night Journey at the Cinematheque /
Space Odyssey – Night Journey at the Cinematheque

Very rarely do films remain exciting, fascinating and relevant decades after their creation. 2001: Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick’s electrifying epic, does just that, and continues to challenge and thrill viewers on the eve of the film’s 50th anniversary.

As part of the International Student Film Festival, we will be celebrating Space Odyssey with a multidisciplinary art event, in which a selection of artists will attempt to provide their interpretations of the many questions raised by the film.

On the night of June 22nd, when the planets align themselves on the right axis, the interstellar light will shine on the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, as it fills with creativity, ambiguity and freedom.

Artists from various disciplines – music, performance, poetry and video and visual art, will each attempt, in his or her own special way, to create art stemming from the rich and unique Space Odyssey galaxy of images, and continue to tackle the timeless questions that it raised half a century ago.

Between science and spirit, between human and machine, between prehistory and the future – we invite you to participate in a Space Odyssey.

Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 1
Thursday, 21:30
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