Shorts on the Way – Reading Event /
Shorts on the Way – Reading Event

Shorts on the Way – Black & White


Special Project for Promoting, Writing and Production of Short Films

A joint project of the International Student Film Festival and Gesher Multicultural Film Fund


At the beginning of 2017, as part of the annual project, young filmmakers just starting out were invited to submit proposals for pairs of short films dealing with one theme presented from two points of view. Of the 132 proposals submitted, three pairs were selected and awarded development grants and mentoring for writing six screenplays.

Reading Event – During the festival, readings of several scenes from the selected screenplays will be held, with the participation of actors, in which one pair of short films will be selected to receive a production grant. The films that will be produced will be screened at the International Student Film Festival in June 2018.

Shorts on the Way project is the initiative of the International Student Film Festival in collaboration with the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund. The aim of the project is to bolster the short film’s status and enable young filmmakers – graduates of film schools – to give voice to their creativity and keep them involved in professional filmmaking and enable them to express their talents on the way to their first feature film.


Participating Projects

Rachel’s Telephone / Or Sinai and Mother without Mother / Noa Goskov

Mabruk / Omri Liron and Touch / Nir Berger

Madness A / Gal Muggia and Madness B / Rona Segal

Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 4
Monday, 19:30
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