Life is Short 5: Asylum Seekers – Part 1
Life is Short 5: Asylum Seekers – Part 1

The Life is Short! seminar will take place this year for the fifth time. As in every year, artists, critics, academics, and industry people gather to, together, think about short films. The short film, which in the past was considered a domain exclusive to students and young filmmakers, has recently gained recognition as an artistic genre in its own right, in Israel and abroad. The genre challenges the commercial mechanisms of the film industry (production, marketing, and distribution), but also offers new opportunities for artistic expression. Nowadays, a time subject to frequent and unexpected social and financial changes, the importance of short filmmaking is revealed through its ability to respond in real time to current events with its limited and unmediated means. This year, the subject of the conference will be “Asylum Seekers”. Artists arrive with the camera, are exposed to asylum seekers and convey their stories through artistic creation. During the seminar, artists, academics and asylum seekers will present their work, discuss the ethical and production challenges, and together, will try to understand how to tell the story of the asylum seekers through the medium of a short film.

The event will be held in participation with the the Film Department, Faculty of Arts at Hamidrasha, Beit Berl College.

Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 4
Thursday, 11:30
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