70 Years Later – The Social Documentary Project

Seventy years have passed since the leaders of the young nation gathered at the home of Meir Dizengoff on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv and signed the Declaration of Independence. The state text, that gave expression to the Jewish and universal values on which the state will be established, is examined today through young eyes. Through the scroll’s various sentences, that shaped the vision of the state at its inception and gave expression to the history of the Jewish people, we sought to draw a contemporary profile of the State of Israel in 2018. 70 years later, we have chosen to examine the seam between the vision and reality, and to relate cinematically to the two layers; The vision of the state and the historical expression of the Jewish people.

The series covers a variety of topics taken from the scroll’s values and expresses basic values in the identity of Israeli society. The films present stories that deal with the social issues engraved in the values of the Declaration of Independence. Among them: relations between religion and state, immigration absorption, equal rights and civil rights in Israel.

“70 Years Later” is the ninth series produced by the social documentary project at Tel Aviv University’s Steve Tisch School of Film and Television. The series is composed of 8 films directed by the department’s undergraduate and graduate students, in pursuit of creating personal, honest, and high quality documentary work.

The project was produced by Gaudemus in collaboration with HOT’s Channel 8 and the Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts.



Israel, Romania 14 minDocumentaryHebrew, Romanian 2018

Lea Wald, was born under the name Liza Tesler, in Dorohoi, Romania. In 1941, when the Pogroms in Romania began, Lea and her family were forced to leave to a work camp. “Liza’le” is a small story from the journey of Lea and her escape from camp when she was only 6 years old.

Director: Klil Kovesh
Script: Klil Kovesh
Camera: Klil Kovesh, Rotem Katz
Editor: Klil Kovesh
Actors: Lea Wald
Production: Klil Kovesh
Tel Aviv University, The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television
Israel12 דק'Documentary, Experimental, Animation German, Hebrew2018
Vienna 1902. Theodor Herzl describes in his utopian novel “Altneuland” his vision of an ideal Jewish State in the Land of Israel. The protagonist of his story Friedrich Löwenberg leaves Vienna in search of a better life and discovers the Old New Land. Israel 2018. What is left of Herzl’s dream? A portrait of longing for home.
Director: Iris Lanchiano
Script: Iris Lanchiano
Camera: Iris Lanchiano, Carolin Wanne
Editor: Iris Lanchiano
Actors: Iris Lanchiano
Production: Iris Lanchiano
Tel Aviv University, The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television
Israel15 minDocumentaryHebrew2018

Osher finds a picture of his mother, Sara, almost bald, hiding behind the other photographed characters everyone. He is out to investigate what is the meaning of that picture. His mother, Sara, don’t want to talk about her trauma as a little girl. In his research, he finds out that it is a national calamity. Osher writes a scene according to his study and invite his mother to watch and maybe to cure his and her trauma.

Director: Osher Bet Halachmi
Script: Osher Bet Halachmi
Camera: Tzachi Sharon
Editor: Sivan Gonshorovitz
Actors: Yosef and Sara Bet Halachmi, Osher Bet Halachmi, Yam Tene Valensi, Elisheva Ginsburg
Production: Osher Bet Halachmi
Tel Aviv University, The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television
Talking to the Grave
Israel12 minDocumentaryHebrew, English2018

Ben Gurion’s tomb is never empty of visitors. Existential questions along with bits of information are heard by the grave. Kids and elderly, religious and secular, Israelis and tourists from afar, all of them complete the story of the great leader.

Director: Eliya Eizerikova
Script: Eliya Eizerikova
Camera: Eliya Eizerikova and Tom Goldwasser
Editor: Eliya Eizerikova
Production: Eliya Eizerikova
Tel Aviv University, The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television
Israel14 minDocumentaryHebrew, Tigrinya2018

Teshome, a refugee staying in Holot Destination Center, received a video camera and he is documenting his time there. all the absurd, boring, funny and despairing moments.

Director: Ortal Biener and Offek Hasid
Camera: Teshume Nega
Editor: Ortal Biener and Offek Hasid
Actors: Teshume Nega
Production: Ortal Biener and Offek Hasid
Tel Aviv University, The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television
My Little Country
Israel12 minDocumentaryHebrew, Russian, Arabic2018

Tania, a Moldovan immigrant, works as a modalist in “Mini Israel” park since its opening. Through her intersections with the small country she’s created, a question arises: what does it mean to be an Israeli?

Director: Yael Danon
Script: Yael Danon
Camera: Evgeni Gitlin, Yardenne Sibony, Yael Danon
Editor: Sivan Gonshorovitz
Tel Aviv University, The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television
Israel19 minDocumentaryHebrew2017

At the age of 94, Prof. Uzi Ornan who, at the end of the thirteenths’, was one of the founders of the Canaanite Group, and, at the beginning of the fifteenths, started the League for the Prevention of Religious Compulsion, is continuing his lifelong ongoing struggles for upholding the Secular and Democratic image of the State of Israel with his last endeavor to establish and secure Civil Burial rights where he lives.

Director: Ido Weisman
Camera: Ido Weisman
Editor: Tomer Weinberg
Production: Ido Weisman
Tel Aviv University, The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television

The singer Korin Allal observes the Scroll of Ecclesiastes and through this process, she reexamines her past and her connection to Israel. This is a personal portrait assembled of moments from her daily life and of her own social and personal insights that have been shaped by reading Ecclesiastes.

Director: Ruthy Wischnevsky
Camera: Tzachi Sharon
Editor: Ruthy Wischnevsky
Actors: Korin Allal
Production: Ruthy Wischnevsky, Tzachi Sharon
Tel Aviv University, The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television
Israel15 minDocumentaryRussian, Hebrew, English2018

In the middle of the Tel Aviv bubble, a ceremony takes place every day, with hundreds of foreign citizens waiting to enter the immigration office- their gateway to a better life. Only a few will enter. The rest will spend another frustrating night, waiting for the next door opening.

Director: Dana Gelman
Camera: Dana Gelman
Editor: Dana Gelman
Production: Dana Gelman
Tel Aviv University, The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 1
Tuesday, 21:00
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