Silence, music playing.
Silence, music playing.

The event will be in Theatre 3

“The silent pictures were the purest form of cinema”
Alfred Hitchcock

Contrary to popular belief, cinema has never really been silent. Indeed, dialogues or sound effects similar to those used today were not included in the films to begin with, but the theatres were not at all quiet. Narrators, pianists and symphony orchestras accompanied the film screenings, enriching the visual experience by introducing atmosphere, emotion, and rhythm. Accordingly, the crowds flowed into the theatres to watch the films and enjoy the live music.

In recent years, this age-old tradition is getting a revival. More and more cinematheques around the world are holding silent film screenings accompanied by a live orchestra. The increasing popularity of these events has given rise for creators in both music and film to experiment with the relationships between live music and a visual image, while exploring the role of the sense of hearing within the cinematic experience.

For one evening, a cinematheque hall will become an early 20th century movie theatre. Three silent films will be screened, accompanied by a live orchestra that will play music composed especially for the films by composition students from Tel Aviv University’s Buchmann-Mehta School of Music.


The event will be hosted by Josef Bardanashvili (“Late Marriage”, 2001 – “Gift from Above”, 2003 – “The Fifth Heaven”, 2011)

Coordinator: Klil Kovesh

Producer: Neta Ostro


Films to be screened:

An Andalusian Dog, Luis Buñuel, 1929, France.
Composers: Yonatan Ziv, Gili Abarbanel
Clarinet: Inbar Sharet
Piano: Yotam Kary


À propos de Nice, Jean Vigo, 1930, France.
Composers: Inbar Sharet, Yotam Kary
Clarinet: Ruth Scholz
Viola: Amir Weitzman
Cello: Stav Gilitchensky
Trombone and Trumpet: Daniel Lubashevsky
Accordion: Nitai Rach
Piano: Inbar Sharet


The Seashell and the Clergyman, Germaine Dulac, 1928, France.
Composers: Tom Belkind, Amir Shochat
Clarinet: Michal Oren
Violin: Masha Golovanevsky
Cello: Shira Pinkerfeld
Piano: Nimrod Schwartz

Friday, 21:00
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