“Short on the Way”

Premiere of the winning films of “Short on the Way”, in which emerging filmmakers were invited to submit pairs of short films, dealing with one theme from two contradicting points of view.

Israel14 minFictionHebrew2018

Abigail, who lost her mother not long ago, is pregnant. Terrified of the coming birth, she “kidnaps” a random mother for an afternoon.

Director: נעה גוסקוב
Script: נעה גוסקוב
Camera: Eitan Hatuka
Editor: Noy Barak
Actors: Dina Sanderson, Orly Silbersatz
Production: Leah Tonic
Israel19 minFictionHebrew2018

Rachel is losing her sight to the point she can’t even call her daughter, who is in labor on the other side of the world. Seeking for help she opens her door to passersby, striving to find out if she has finally become a grandmother.

Director: Or Sinai
Script: Or Sinai
Camera: Saar Mizrahi
Editor: Noy Barak
Production: Deux Beaux Garçons films.

Co-producers: Eilon Shani and Galit Cahlon

Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 4
Wednesday, 21:00
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