“Cofee”, “Water” and “Sport” /
“Cofee”, “Water” and “Sport”

A group of filmmakers, Israeli and Palestinian, created short films, both documentary and fiction, on the same subject of “COFEE” (2010) “WATER” (2012) and “SPORT” (2015).

Produced in creative freedom and in mixed crews of Palestinian and Israelis, the films reflect a personal, courages point of view on reality.

Selected films: “Wajeh”, “Audition”, “Kareem’s Pool”, “Raz and Radja”, “Wourod”, “Just a Man”.

Following the screening, a discussion will be held  with the directors.

Producer & Artistic Director: Yael Perlov. Producers: Kobi Mizrahi, Ahmad Barghouthi, Maya de-Vries, Yoav Shavit. Co-Producers: Edgard Tenembaum and Nabil Ayouch. Directors: Murad Nassar, Eti Tsicko, Ahmad Barghouthi, Yona Rozenkier and Lily Sheffy Rize.

Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 2
Monday, 20:30
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