An evening in honor of Nachman Ingber
An evening in honor of Nachman Ingber

For four decades, Nachman Ingber’s lessons were the gateway of first-year students to the School of Film and Television. The thousands of students who have filled the Fastlicht Auditorium strongly remember his booming voice, solemnly proclaiming at the beginning of the first class of “Introduction to the History of Cinema” about the birth of the Seventh Art – December 28, 1895, the day the very first public screening was held by the Lumière Brothers, inside the Salon Indien at the Grand Café in Paris.

For many in the department, Nachman Ingber is “Mr. Cinema”. He is par excellence the lecturer. A man who speaks the history of cinema, and thanks to him it is so alive, present, in existence. He succeeds, year after year, to breathe new life into ancient figures such as Griffith and Méliès.

Now, with Nachman’s retirement from teaching at the school, we wish to acknowledge this in a special event, and especially to thank him – for the vast knowledge of culture, history, art, and aesthetics that he has shared with us, his students, throughout the years; for the rare ability to analyze films that challenged and perfected his students’ absorption and observation abilities; and for simply being a mythological teacher to us all.

Photo by: Libio Cameli

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Thursday, 21:00
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