Tango Workshop /
Tango Workshop

This is the third time that this special project is carried out. Students from the Tisch School of Film and Television School produced short films as an adaptation of common subject, giving it their personal interpretation while remaining faithful to the original.

This year the theme of the project is the tango. The dance, which originated among the freed slaves in Argentina, has since undergone countless incarnations and developed into the modern art form we now know. Tango has diverse and contradictory facets: restraint and desire, distance and intimacy, sadness and joy. The nature and essence of the dance led the students to create five short films that are complex, rhythmic, sensitive and reflective, emphasizing not the dance steps but rather the music and emotion.

Project Supervisor: Josef Pitchhadze

Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 1
Friday, 11:30
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