Group 3 / The Independent Short-Film Competition
Israel26 minFictionHebrew2017

Leah works as a room attendant in a hotel by the Dead Sea, while Meital, her daughter, performs in the hotel lobby at night. The two live trapped in their relationship, surrounded by the mountains and the sea.

Director: Miki Polonski
Script: Miki Polonski
Camera: Ilya Marcus
Editor: Shira Hochman
Actors: Ahuva Keren, Meital Mor, Mendy Cahan and Hila Gonen.
Production: Kobi Mizrahi
Israel22 minFictionHebrew2017

It was a morning Shlomi and Adi will never forget, and all because an early call Adi received from Dr. Rosen a specialist for fertility. Perhaps, they will finally be able to conceive.

Director: Erez Tadmor
Script: Erez Tadmor
Camera: Daniel Miller
Editor: Yuval Orr
Actors: Roy Assaf, Liron Ben Shlush
Production: Shemi Sheinfeld and Aviv Ben Shlush
Israel9 minExperimentalHebrew2018

A young woman experiences paralysis, suffocation, and the recurrence of feelings over and over again, following a break-up which may have not occurred.

Director: Veronica Nicole Tetelbaum
Script: Veronica Nicole Tetelbaum
Camera: Roman Linetsky
Editor: Amit Tzarfati
Actors: Yael Eisenberg and Tamar Lamm
Production: Veronica Nicole Tetelbaum
Israel11 minDocumentaryHebrew2017

The poet Ofir Nuriel works in the electric company’s industrial warehouse as part of an employment program for people with disabilities. His work is an endless routine of sorting, categorizing, and arranging a myriad of mechanical parts and warehouse items. In his poetry, he reveals how an exceptional person feels in a world inhabited by “normal” people.

Director: Itay Akirav and Zvi Landsman
Script: Itay Akirav
Camera: Zvi Landsman
Editor: Uriya Hertz
Production: Itay Akirav
The Day My Father Dies
Israel22 minFictionArabic2017

Salah, an acting student living in Paris, heads home to Haifa to work on a play centered around a eulogy written for his father, Amar, who, to his disappointing surprise, likes the idea.

Director: Nayef Hammoud
Script: Nayef Hammoud
Camera: Yaniv Linton
Editor: Michal Gassner
Actors: Adi Khalifa, Adel Abu Raya, Hamza Sgayer, Yara Jarar, Salim Daw and Makram Khoury
Production: Rojeh Khlef and Leah Tonic
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 1
Friday, 14:00
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