Program 10: Black and Blue / The International Competition
Belgium 23 min.Fiction French2017

Big machines. Laughter. Or rather screams. A fair and disturbing weirdness. A refugee in a labyrinth of mirrors, a man who sinks into the darkness of his bruised mind. His memories, dreams and fantasies have vanished.

Director: Aline Magrez
Script: Aline Magrez
Camera: Arnaud Alberola
Editor: Nina Haditalab
Actors: Denis Lavant, Sarah Lefèvre
Production: INSAS, Atelier de Réalisation
Institut Supérieur des Arts, Belgium
Mexico19 min.Fiction Spanish2017

After the death of his father, Jorge, a Mexican luchador (pro-wrestler), returns to the gym where he grew up, facing the violence and memories he long tried to forget.

Director: Eddie Rubio
Script: Eddie Rubio
Camera: Emiliano Alcázar
Editor: Eddie Rubio
Actors: Edmundo Vargas, Armando Said, Felipe Morales
Production: Libertad Salgado
Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, Mexico
Taiwan16 min.Fiction Malay2017

In a dystopian world, a father works as an assistant to a doctor who seals the mouths of children. He fears that his daughter’s secret will be discovered. One day, he finds an opening that leads to somewhere and then suddenly, guards storm his house.

Director: Siew Hong Leong
Script: Siew Hong Leong
Camera: Seng Kiat Tan
Editor: Chin Wai Chew, Siew Hong Leong
Actors: Alvin Wong, Hawa Khadeejah, Ah Kau Leong, Rob Paul Nevis
Production: Yve Vonn Lee, Kha Shuen Lovelyng
National Taiwan University of Arts
Israel21 min.Fiction Hebrew2017

Sami and his younger brother Yehuda go to see a movie, unaware of the fact that both of them will have profoundly changed upon returning home.

Director: Ariel Pariente
Script: Ariel Pariente
Camera: Yonatan Shehoah
Editor: Aner Taisig
Actors: Itamar Cohen, Yoav Saidian Rosenberg, Osher Maimon, Oren Pesso
Production: Yael Rosenstein, Baruch Rosenstein
Ma’aleh School of Television, Film and the Arts, Jerusalem
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 2
Wednesday, 22:15
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