Program 7: At the End of the Rainbow / The International Competition
Where the Summer Goes (Chapters on Youth)
Portugal20 min.Fiction Portuguese2018

It is summer, a boy and his friends go to the river. On their way, a story is told about a man and his pet snake that tried to eat him. The boy falls from a tree trunk and gets hurt. A girl follows him.

Director: David Pinheiro Vicente
Script: Rita Jorge, David Pinheiro Vicente
Camera: Joana Silva Fernandes
Editor: Laura Gama Martins
Actors: Miguel Amorim, Joana Peres, Rodrigo Tomás, Joana Petiz, André Simões, Rodolfo Major
Production: Raquel Rolim Batista
Lisbon Theatre and Film School
France 5 min.Animation French2017

A beak isn’t a big deal. That is, one could easily do without it. Yet, as the whole world revolves around the beak, the Unbeaked is in a fix.

Director: Hugo Glavier
Script: Hugo Glavier
Camera: Hugo Glavier
Editor: Hugo Glavier
Production: Annie-Claude Ruescas
École Estienne, France
Austria 24 min.Fiction English, German, Swedish2017

A couple goes away on vacation. When Aron’s girlfriend disappears unexpectedly, he goes looking for her but is not sure whether he is searching for her, or himself. In the center of the eccentric resort in the Alps, a new chapter in Aron’s life begins.

Director: Bernhard Wenger
Script: Bernhard Wenger
Camera: Albin Wildner
Editor: Rupert Höller
Actors: Rasmus Luthander, Elli Tringou, Anna Aström, Carl Achleitner
Production: Florian Bayer, Clara König, Bernhard Wenger
Film Academy Vienna
The Closing Balance
India 27 min.Fiction Hindi2017

A complex relationship between a father and his daughter gets even more complicated when one of them tries to take the first steps toward making amends.

Director: Sajal Anand
Script: Sajal Anand
Camera: Sanjay Surin
Editor: Nikhil Parihar
Actors: Surendra Rajan, Tripti Jauhari
Production: Jyutika Sinha
Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute Kolkata
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 1
Tuesday, 17:00
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