Program 5: Blurred Lines / The International Competition
Little Manifesto Against Solemn Cinema
Argentina 15 min.Fiction Spanish2017

A trivial story about two people that meet at a party and spend the night together, told in the most pretentious, most poetic, but above all, most solemn possible way.

Director: Roberto Porta
Script: Roberto Porta
Camera: Sofía Victoria Rodrigo
Editor: Agustina Andrade
Actors: Juan Games, Ayelén Espíndola
Production: Roberto Porta, Camila Romero
Universidad del Cine, Buenos Aires
Atlantis, 2003
Slovakia 30 min. Fiction Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, German2017

2003. Martin and Denisija, a young couple from Ukraine, take off on a journey to illegally migrate to Germany, but things quickly take on a complicated turn.

Director: Michal Blaško
Script: Michal Blaško
Camera: Adam Mach
Editor: Petr Hasalík
Actors: Elizaveta Maximová, Levan Mania, Vladislav Šarišský
Production: Jakub Brychta, Veronika Jelšíková
Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Slovakia
USA 7 min. Animation English2017

Fishy explores the relationship between a father and son through an uncanny, life-threatening situation where the father learns to accept his son for who he is after having stepped into his shoes…or rather, his heels.

Director: Joe Sulsenti
Script: Joe Sulsenti
Camera: Joe Sulsenti
Editor: Joe Sulsenti
Actors: Amanda Lepore, Arnaud Spanos
Production: Joe Sulsenti
School of Visual Arts, New York
Israel 32 min. Fiction Hebrew2017

Hila (14) is an empathic and sensitive girl, trapped in an inappropriate relationship with a woman who is older than her by more than a decade. The two are trapped in a whirlwind of intense nighttime sessions. When the emotional demands escalate, Hila is shaken and tries to keep her distance.

Director: Yair Fridman
Script: Hadar Saifan, Yair Fridman
Camera: Emmuna Aigen Anker
Editor: Hadar Saifan, Yair Fridman
Actors: Yuval Carmel, Ma’ayan Turgeman, Gal Amitai
Production: Hadar Waksman
Beit Berl College, Israel
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 1
Monday, 21:30
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