Program 3: It Doesn’t Say / The Israeli Competition

Next Stop, The Men Behind the Wall, As I watch You From Afar, Together and Alive, Lev.

Israel12 min.FictionHebrew2018

Lev (67) lives alone in his apartment, which seems like a shrine for his late husband. One evening Lev invites a young man to his home. Although the encounter was sexually motivated, the generation gap between them leads to an unexpected experience.

Director: Daniel Shiffman
Script: Daniel Shiffman
Camera: Rani Barmats
Editor: Neta Amiram
Actors: Avi Pnini, Yahel Pappo
Production: Eliya Melamed
Minshar School of Art
Together and Alive
Israel12 min.DocumentaryHebrew2017

Through old letters and pictures, the filmmaker attempts to bring her great-grandmother’s story back to life. A story that deals with the struggle of distance and longing in the shadow of a war.

Director: Iara schteimberg
Script: Iara schteimberg
Camera: Iara schteimberg
Editor: Iara schteimberg
Production: Iara schteimberg
Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem
As I Watch You From Afar
Israel13 min.FictionHebrew, Russian2018

A young man is waiting for the bus alone at night. A series of absurd encounters will reflect his repressed past.

Director: Omer Weiss
Script: Omer Weiss
Camera: Or Azulay
Editor: Tom Geffen Bezrukov
Actors: Ben Ze'ev Rabian, Izhak Peker, Danny Isserles, Eran Ogman, Shalev Gelber, Yadin Hershkovitz
Production: Tal Duer
Minshar School of Art
Israel11 min.FictionHebrew2017

Ruth‘s voice is the announcements voice on the bus, everyone hears her, but no one listens. Following her psychiatrist’s advice, she tries to bond with the people around her- with no success.

Director: Einat Gaulan
Script: Einat Gaulan
Camera: Roman Poretski
Editor: Maya Rudich
Actors: Neta Shpigelman, Dalia Shimko
Production: Sigi Golan, Noga Temkin
Sam Spiegel Film & Television School, Jerusalem
The Men Behind the Wall
Israel28 min.DocumentaryEnglish, Hebrew, Arabic2018

Ines, an Israeli woman from Tel Aviv, makes contact with men from the West Bank through dating websites and apps. She goes on a journey through the Occupied Territories, despite it being prohibited by law and considered a social taboo.

Director: Ines Moldavsky
Script: Ines Moldavsky
Camera: Ines Moldavsky
Editor: Ines Moldavsky
Actors: Ines Moldavsky, Izzeldin Nashkab, Abady Hijahi, Mazin Misleh, Ahmad Asmar
Production: Ines Moldavsky
Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 1
Tuesday, 19:00
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