Program 5: Feels Like Home / The Israeli Competition

Asa Turns 13, A Love Letter to the One I Made Up, Tom, Well Done.

Israel30 min.FictionHebrew2017

Asa lost his mother and lives with his father in a small southern city in Israel. On the day before his Bar Mitzvah, which symbolizes his transition towards manhood, Asa is struggling with his father’s expectations and the pressure from his peers.

Director: Sali Elimelech
Script: Sali Elimelech
Camera: Naama Bunimovitz
Editor: Sali Elimelech
Actors: Ishay Lalush, Zvulun Moshiashvilli, Raz Choen, Ruth Farhi
Production: Nevo Jakobivitch
The School of Audio & Visual Arts, Sapir College
A Love Letter to the One I Made Up
Israel6 min.AnimationHebrew2017

On a lonely walk home from a disappointing date, the protagonist’s reality is intertwined with an underwater fantasy world, that expresses a love letter addressed to an imaginary “perfect” man. Made with a unique technique of screen-printed animation.

Director: Rachel Gutgarts
Script: Rachel Gutgarts
Camera: Rachel Gutgarts
Editor: Rachel Gutgarts
Actors: Tomer Damsky
Production: Rachel Gutgarts
Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem
Israel14 min.FictionHebrew2018

Iris goes on an agonizing journey in the small hours of the night that maybe, for the first time, may give her some peace of mind.

Director: Rotem Katz
Script: Rotem Katz
Camera: Zohar Mutayn
Editor: Rotrm Katz
Actors: Limor Goldstein, Ofek Moshe, Nir Elkabetz, Matan Cassirer, Talin Abu Hannah, Nadav Assulin
Production: Lihi Noyvirt
Steve Tisch School of Film & Television, Tel Aviv University
Israel25 min.FictionHebrew2017

Today in the family dinner, Omer‘s celebrity cousin got a bad review that hurts the family‘s pride. Now the family demands him to encourage her, while Omer‘s ego wouldn‘t allow him to fulfill their request.

Director: Omer Ben Simon, Aryeh Hasfari
Script: Omer Ben Simon, Aryeh Hasfari
Camera: Omri Barzilai
Editor: Amir Stolar
Actors: Omer Ben Simon, Shaul Mizrahi, Hanna Azoulay Hasfari, Shimon Mimran, Raz Shemueli
Production: Gilad Lustig, Omer Ben Simon
Steve Tisch School of Film & Television, Tel Aviv University
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 1
Wednesday, 22:00
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