Program 3: Make a Wish / The International Competition
Hungary 32 min.Fiction Hungarian2017

Two people meet in the darkness of an invisible exhibition. The film follows them as they get closer and move apart from each other, crossing blurred boundaries.

Director: Áron Szentpéteri
Script: Áron Szentpéteri
Camera: Zoltán Dévényi
Editor: Anna Vághy
Actors: Tamás Barkó, Bettina Józsa
Production: Áron Szentpéteri
University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest
Apollo Javakheti
Georgia 16 min. Documentary Georgian, Armenian2017

Bandura is a young, socially challenged boy who lives in the mountains of Javakheti. He spends his days working hard but dreams of being an astronaut and flying to space in a spacecraft he built himself.

Director: Bakar Cherkezishvili
Script: Bakar Cherkezishvili
Camera: Julien Diebel
Editor: Bakar Cherkezishvili
Actors: Sergei Banduri
Production: Julien Diebel
Shota Rustaveli Theater and Film University, Georgia
Poland 30 min. Fiction Polish2017

On the sixteenth birthday of his daughter Kamila, Piotr comes home to find her bleeding and unconscious. From this day forward their lives will never be the same.

Director: Mara Tamkovich
Script: Mara Tamkovich, Krzysztof Trela
Camera: Krzysztof Trela
Editor: Maciej Gawda
Actors: Adam Cywka, Gabriela Chojecka
Production: Maciej Ślesicki
Warsaw Film School
Belgium 4 min. Animation French, Russian, Dutch2017

Wandering between three nationalities, Andrusha (Drush) is searching for self-esteem in the hope of finding balance and harmony. Using mixed media, DRUSH is an experimental animated film that examines the concept of identity through form and content.

Director: Nils Janssens
Script: Nils Janssens
Camera: Nils Janssens
Editor: Nils Janssens
Actors: Amosi Ndirembako, Hakim Andrusha Ndirembako, Elena Rybak Alexandrovna
Production: Nils Janssens
LUCA School of Arts, Belgium
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 2
Monday, 12:00
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