Group 2 / The Independent Short-Film Competition
Israel26 minFictionHebrew2018

Uri, a family man from a small town in the Arava, is in a secret relationship with Oded, a younger man. During a joint trip in the desert, the two are forced to deal with the tragic consequences of the type of their relationship

Director: Moshe Rosenthal
Script: Moshe Rosenthal
Camera: Eitan Hatuka
Editor: Dafi Farbman
Actors: Lior Ashkenazi, Shachar Netz
Production: Tinker and Eyal Shiray
Nothing Happens
Israel, Denmark, France12 minAnimationNo Dialogue 2017

It is freezing cold on the outskirts of town. Still, people gather. I watch them line up along the horizon. We all wait for something to happen. However, nothing does.

Director: Michelle and Uri Kranot
Script: Michelle and Uri Kranot
Camera: Michelle and Uri Kranot
Editor: Michelle and Uri Kranot
Production: Michelle and Uri Kranot, Marie Bro
Israel15 minFictionHebrew2018

Yehuda the junk dealer and his son are on their way with Alberto the horse to the vet for his last journey, but Yehuda is doing everything he can to prevent them from getting there.

Director: Roni Bahat
Script: Roni Bahat
Camera: Omri Barzilai
Editor: Ido Chen and Tamar Gelman
Actors: Yehuda Romano and Elad Havivian
Production: Nevo Jakobovitch and Tamar Alon
Open Your Eyes
Israel14 minFictionHebrew, Arabic2017

Ilana arrives at the eye clinic in Jerusalem for her monthly treatment. Her doctor is absent and is replaced by Dr. Khoury. Ilana perceives herself as liberal, but there is no chance she will let an Arab doctor give her a shot in the eye.

Director: Ilay Mevorach
Script: Ilay Mevorach
Camera: איל אלישע
Editor: Yael Pelov
Actors: Asi Levi, Shady Srour and Roy Gurai
Production: Kobi Mizrahi
And There Will Be Fire
Israel30 minDocumentaryHebrew and English2018

At the age of eighty-eight, Chuckie decides to leave behind the past and sets “the final fire” to his old art, which expressed his feelings for the injustices of the world and the death of his daughter Michal. Now, he journeys towards a new art, which he calls – “a new life”.

Director: Adam Weingrod and Dahlia Gerstenhaber
Script: Adam Weingrod and Dahlia Gerstenhaber
Camera: Demian Tzazkin and Dan Messer
Editor: Ofra Shahor
Production: Dahlia Gerstenhaber
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 1
Thursday, 18:00
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