Program 11: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun / The International Competition
Germany17 min.Fiction German2017

Juno, a twenty-year-old girl, becomes obsessed with Pan, the God of the forest. At a techno party in a house near the forest she meets him: the real Pan, a normal guy, loved by all the girls. When he fails to notice her, something inside of her changes.

Director: Anna Roller
Script: Anna Roller, Wouter Wirth
Camera: Felix Pflieger
Editor: Anna Roller
Actors: Anna Platen, Jeff Wilbusch, Luisa-Céline Gaffron, Sue Lemke, Emil Borgeest
Production: Tanja Schmidbauer
University of Television and Film Munich
Belgium 15 min.Documentary Dutch2017

A personal search through a mosaic of portraits of young women, in the hope of breaking the boundaries of the stereotypical concept of femininity.

Director: Heleen Declercq
Script: Heleen Declercq
Camera: Heleen Declercq
Editor: Judith Granville
Production: Dilay Samanli
Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound, Belgium
Serbia15 min.Fiction Serbian2017

Milica goes to the pub with the intention of renewing her relationship with Milan, a married man. As the evening progresses, the atmosphere becomes more and more charged, and the sexual tension in the air can no longer be denied.

Director: Tamara Todorović
Script: Tamara Todorović, Filip Grujić
Camera: Vidoje Vujatović
Editor: Kristina Todrović
Actors: Isidora Simijonović, Aleksandar Đinđić, Gala Šalipur, Nikola Voštinić
Production: Anđela Zebić, Čarna Vučinić, Nemanja Leković, Dimitrije Radenović
Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Serbia
Israel 30 min.Fiction Hebrew, English2018

Gabi spends the Seder night alone. Her mother tries to reach out to her, calling again and again, but Gabi avoids her calls. As the evening unfolds Gabi cannot find her place and loses all direction.

Director: Naomi Meroz
Script: Naomi Meroz
Camera: Rani Avidan
Editor: Assaf Arviv
Actors: Reut Akkerman, Shay Li Hearsch, Erez Drigues, Xenia Markuze
Production: Tamar Alon
Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, Tel Aviv University
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 1
Thursday, 13:00
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