Program 6: An Ancient Tree / The Israeli Competition

Cuckoo, In His Place, The Bear, Majnun, Captain.

Israel29 min.FictionHebrew2018

A military reserve soldier is sent to secure antennas in the desert, and he make friends with a young soldier who guards there. A strange encounter with a boy in the desert disrupts the connection between the soldiers and drifts the hero into an odd mystery.

Director: Omer Noat
Script: Omer Naot, Ori Alfandari
Camera: Daniel Bar
Editor: Omer Naot, Ori Alfandari
Actors: Ido Mosseri, Eli Furmanov
Production: Lead Cohen
Steve Tisch School of Film & Television, Tel Aviv University
Israel7 דקותAnimationRussian, Hebrew2017

In a small, dark, isolated apartment, a father and daughter watch television together. The food, the conversation, and even the temperature of the air conditioner, reveal the vast gaps between the two.

Director: Doreen Shwartzman
Script: Doreen Shwartzman
Camera: Doreen Shwartzman
Editor: Doreen Shwartzman
Actors: Zoar Likhovetsky, Yael-Bar Choen
Production: Doreen Shwartzman
Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem
Israel23 min.FictionHebrew, Arabic2018

Omar arrives to his parents׳ house with the baby girl of his beloved woman, Ma’ayan, who passed away. The visit opens Omar’s wounds and brings up the old tension between him and his parents.

Director: Ofir Feldman
Script: Ofir Feldman
Camera: Guy Sahaf
Editor: Eitan Mor
Actors: Doraid Liddawi, Mohammad Bakri, Salwa Nakkara, Vitali Friedland Hayun, Gali Blecher
Production: Ilana Gold, Mohamed Abu Shally
Steve Tisch School of Film & Television, Tel Aviv University
Israel13 min.FictionHebrew, Russian2017

Natasha makes a bet with her husband on whether she can change their daughter’s mind about stopping her studies. She is even willing to sacrifice her dignity for the challenge. But her daughter Masha has other plans.

Director: Hila Royzenman
Script: Hila Royzenman
Camera: Miky Wajnrerman
Editor: Matan Kedem
Actors: Svetlana Demidov, Slava Bibergal
Production: Tal Becher
Sam Spiegel Film & Television School, Jerusalem
Israel13 דקותFictionHebrew2018

Omri, a 13 year old boy, is sexually harassed by his much older basketball coach. In return, he receives special treatment over his teammates. On the day of the biggest game of the season, Omri decides to end his relationship with the coach, only to find out that it’s more difficult than he imagined.

Director: Tommy Shles Shafrir
Script: Tommy Shles Shafrir
Camera: Adi Mozes
Editor: Tommy Shles Shafrir
Actors: Eitan Gimelman, Eyal Shechter
Production: Tal Duar
Minshar School of Art
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 1
Thursday, 16:00
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