Program 1: Yellow Brick Road / The International Competition
France 19 min.DocumentaryFrench2017

Two journeys take place in two different periods. One is a return by rail, passing through two continents. The second is an old family photograph that traces back to war life.

Director: Pang-Chuan Huang
Script: Pang-Chuan Huang
Camera: Pang-Chuan Huang
Editor: Pang-Chuan Huang
Production: Pang-Chuan Huang
Le Fresnoy, France
Spring Like Lovers
Japan 30 min.FictionJapanese2017

Shin and Kazu are gay lovers. One day they have a fight over a trivial matter. Kazu walks out on Shin and contacts his ex-lover Takashi, only to find out if he is married now. The combination of lovers, wives and ex-lovers results in an unsatisfactory outcome which deeply affects all involved. Their spring is far away. Spring is like lovers.

Director: Daisuke Shigaya
Script: Daisuke Shigaya
Camera: Fumiya Mishiro
Editor: Daisuke Shigaya
Production: Tsukasa Shizuku, Yuta Watanabe, Miri Uchiyama, Aoi Takayama
Nihon University, Department of Cinema, Japan
USA 18 min. FictionArabic, English, French2017

The humanity of an orphaned boy is put to the test when the director of the film in which he participates encourages him to demonstrate violence, in an attempt to blur the border between reality and fiction. On the film set, located in Syria, every act of theirs is fraught with political and human significance.

Director: Dan Bronfeld
Script: Dan Bronfeld and Matthew Pancer.
Camera: Kaushal Shah
Editor: Gaby Zamora
Actors: Gustavo Quiroz, Karim Saleh
Production: Elena Aksenova
American Film Institute
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 1
Sunday, 14:00
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