Shorts by Sonja Heiss / Guests Of Honor


Germany 43 min.DocumentaryEnglish2002

Jerry Davis disappeared. His childhood friend searches for the trace Jerry left behind. He travels through the U.S.A. and meets people, who were close to Jerry. Just like Jerry they come from the lower white class, get by with McJobs and believe in the future. Karma Cowboy ends with sentences from Douglas Coupland’s novel “Generation X”: Most of us have only two or three genuinely interesting moments in our lives; the rest is filler. And at the end of our lives, most of us will be lucky if any of those moments connected together to form a story that anyone would find remotely interesting.

After the screening of the films, a Q&A session will be held with the director of the film- Sonja Heiss.

Director: Sonja Heiss, Vanessa van Houten
Script: Sonja Heiss, Baran Bo Odar, Jeff Tarlton
Camera: Nikolai von Graevenitz
Editor: Yuval Zafrir, Nikolai von Graevenitz
Actors: Paul Shottner
Production: Maren Ade, Janine Jackowski, Ernst Kalff
Germany15 min.FictionGerman2004

In search of an adventure, Christina, a woman in her forties, ends up with René and Sandra, a young couple living in apparent harmony. Pale afternoon light shines through the neatly arranged curtains onto the three-piece suite. Topics which are a strain to find grind to a halt after a few sentences and end in oppressive silence which is only interfused by the gentle pumping of the aquarium. Gradually, however, it becomes evident why these three people are sitting together.

Subtitles: English

Director: Sonja Heiss
Script: Sonja Heiss, Svenja Steinfelder
Camera: Nikolai von Graevenitz
Editor: Heike Parplies
Actors: Kirsten Block, Michael Sideris, Laura Schuhrk
Production: Janine Jackowski, Susanne Ehlers, Brox Brochot
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 2
Thursday, 17:00
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