Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?
Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?
France102 min.FictionGerman, French1966

In this excoriating satire of the fashion industry, Polly Maggoo is a 20-year-old Brooklyn-born fashion model in Paris, on the runway at the big shows where magazine editor Ms. Maxwell is the reigning opinion maker. Polly becomes the subject of an episode of a vapid TV news documentary series called “Who Are You?” and is pursued by the filmmaker and by the prince of Borodine, a small country in the Soviet bloc. William Klein excels in the parody of all things-media: Television commentators, phony interviews, useless scoops, the True Confession of a Ruritanian Prince, the concoction of a fairy tale romance – even the vox-pops that foreshadow the spontaneous debates of May ’68. He takes delight in the slaughter of his targets while keeping the poetry of the images and design ever present.

Director: William Klein
Script: William Klein
Camera: Jean Boffety
Actors: Dorothy McGowan, Grayson Hall, Philippe Noiret, Jean Rochefort, Sami Frey
Production: Delpire Production
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 4
Monday, 20:30
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