Tribute to the Lodz Film School

The International Student Film Festival is honored to present a tribute to the Lodz School in Poland on its 70th anniversary. The school was founded in 1948 and quickly became a prominent cultural center in Poland after World War II. During the first decade of its establishment, the school gained a reputation as a liberal academic institution, and later became one of the most important creative minds in Poland. Today, the school is considered one of the most important and valued in the world, and takes pride in a curriculum that combines practical work under leading Polish artists, as well as imparting broad theoretical knowledge. Students at the Lodz School specialize in a wide range of areas: direction, photography, animation, screenwriting, editing, production, and acting.

Among its well-known alumni are Andrzej Wajda, Roman Polański, and Krzysztof Kieślowski.

As part of the tribute, student films of past graduates will be screened alongside award-winning contemporary projects of the school’s best films.

The tribute will take place in the presence of representatives of the school.

Squaring the Circle
Poland5 minAnimationNo Dialogue 2018

At a glance, it seems that SQUARE lives among chaos and Endless changes. Once, a new element sneaks into the pattern, which for a moment will allow SQUARE to look a little differently at reality. SQUARING THE CIRCLE is full of graphic metaphors, a semi-abstract story about an impossible feeling.

Director: Karolina Specht
Script: Karolina Specht
Lodz Film School
Poland4 minExperimentalPolish1972

Early experimental film from Zbigniew Rybczynski created in the use of multiple exposure of the same gestures of an actor filmed in the multicolored lightning combined with the jazz piece Take five.

Director: Zbigniew Rybczynski
Camera: Zbigniew Rybczynski
Lodz Film School
Poland30 minFictionPolish2015

Justyna, a young woman who’s the main protagonist in the film, buys a flat at a bailiff auction regardless the risk it may bring. When she wants to move in it turns out that the keys she was given do not fit the locks. A dream about a place of her own turns into a nightmare.

Director: Klara Kochańska
Script: Klara Kochańska, Kasper Bajon
Camera: Zuzanna Pyda
Editor: Barbara Fronc
Actors: Julia Kijowska, Beata Fudalej, Diana Zamojska, Joanna Drozda, Sławomir Orzechowski, Paweł Królikowski, Miron Jagniewski, Daniel Guzdek.
Lodz Film School
Poland5 minAnimationNo Dialogue 2018

While waiting for the arrival of the mysterious newcomer, people keep on guessing who is he. The blury vision of the stranger takes shape the way his presence feels almost real. The initial excitement of the crowd turns into anxiety.

Director: Marta Magnuska
Script: Marta Magnuska, Paulina Lewicka
Camera: Marta Magnuska
Editor: Ewa Golis
Lodz Film School
Poland5 minFictionPolish1966

The film made at the counter of the Social Insurance Company is a brilliant satire on bureaucracy and clerical heartlessnes.

Director: Krzysztof Kieślowski
Camera: Lechosław Trzęsowski
Editor: Janina Grosicka
Lodz Film School
Poland5 minAnimationNo Dialogue 2018

Everyone gets sick of everyone. But things become really bad when you get sick of yourself.

Director: Paulina Ziółkowska
Script: Paulina Ziółkowska
Editor: Piotr Baryła
Lodz Film School
Two Men and a Wardrobe
Poland14 minFictionNo Dialogue 1958

The first film score composed by Krzysztof Komeda as encouraged and ordered by Roman Polański in 1957. The arrangement of the two recurring initial themes is extremely ingenious and builds up to create the unique atmosphere of this short film masterpiece.

Director: Roman Polanski
Script: Roman Polanski
Camera: Maciej Kijowski
Lodz Film School
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 2
Friday, 18:30
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