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Groups of students from various film schools around the world were invited to take part in a special project to create documentary films about China – its people, its culture and landscapes – from an external perspective. Each group was hosted in one of the country’s regions. Each visiting student was accompanied by a local student, who escorted him and assisted the visiting student in producing a film about a specific subject in the area in which he or she is staying.

In the summer of 2016, as part of the participation of Tel Aviv University in the project, five students traveled to the city of Ordos in Inner Mongolia. Their films explored Mongolian culture and landscape, and the meeting between tradition and progress. During their stay, the students filmed and edited their films.

In the same year, 101 films were produced as part of this project. In the final contest held at the end of the project, two of the films produced by the Tel Aviv group won first place and third place.

Film Mentor: Dov Steuer


The Guardsman

The Horse Land

Mongolian Bride

Tana, the Girl from Kangbashi


Tana, the Girl from Kangbashi
China12 minMongolian2016

Tana is a young Mongolian who moved from a remote farm to the ultra-modern city of Ordos. She works as a guide at the local museum, she has a passion for singing and she dreams of marriage.  

Winner of Best International Film, Festival Internacional de Cinema Universitario de Pernambuco, Brazil

Director: Yinon Beeri
Script: Yinon Beeri
Camera: Yinon Beeri
Editor: Yinon Beeri
Production: Yu Bo
Mongolian Bride
China10 min.Mongolian2016

A day in Burna’s life, a young dancer, who lives and works in a Chinese tourism center in the prairies of Inner Mongolia.

Director: Danielle Sharon
Script: Danielle Sharon
Camera: Danielle Sharon
Editor: Danielle Sharon
Production: Gao Lu
The Horse Land
China10 min.Mongolian2016

Genghis Khan’s cavalry corps formed the largest empire in human history,

and made the entire Mongolian people famous for being a nation on

horseback. The film focuses on portraits of three horse breeders who try to

preserve the special bond between man and horse, the remnants of the

glorious Mongolian culture.

The film won first prize of  the Looking China 2016 Competition.

Director: Dmitry Konoplov
Script: Dmitry Konoplov
Camera: Dmitry Konoplov
Editor: Dmitry Konoplov
Production: Ren Jia, Bai Yujie
China10 min2016


Naren-dalai is the guard of Genghis Khan Temple. The heritage of his tribe passes only from a father to his son. Now, Naren must teach his son about the ancient customs, because the lamp that symbolizes the spirit of the Mongolian leader can’t be extinguished.

Director: Hadar Reichman
Script: Hadar Reichman
Camera: Hadar Reichman
Editor: Hadar Reichman
Production: Chen Liming

A poetic search for Genghis Khan’s remains in Inner Mongolia’s culture, scenery and people.

The film shared the third prize of  the Looking China 2016 Competition.

Director: Nadan Pines
Script: Nadan Pines
Camera: Nadan Pines, Wang Xiaodong
Editor: Nadan Pines
Production: Zhang Jinqi
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