Looking China

Groups of students from various film schools around the world were invited to take part in a special project to create documentary films about China – portraying the people, the culture and landscapes – from an external perspective. Each group was hosted in one of the country’s regions. The visiting students were accompanied by local students, who escorted them and assisted them in producing a film about a specific subject in the area in which they were staying.

In the summer of 2017, The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television – Tel Aviv University participated in the project, and six students traveled to the city of Kaifeng in Henan Province, China. Their films portrayed sensitive images of working people, and the meeting between tradition and progress. During their stay, the students filmed and edited their films.

Water Bonds won the third prize at the Golden Lens awards 2017, and Tea Mountains won a Special Prize.

The Road to Guoliang 挂壁公路
China14 minDocumentaryChinese2017

Guoliang village is situated on the top of a steep cliff. For years it was secluded from the cities around it, until 13 people from the village had dug a tunnel with their bear hands. In their stories and their fate today, the villagers reveal the heavy price the community paid for the ideal that they believed in.

Director: Maya Klar
Production: Houliang Lu
Tea Mountains 茶山
China10 minDocumentaryChinese2017

Through the eyes of Dai, an 82 years old passionate tea grower, we witness the processes behind the Chinese tea culture, from the growing leaf to the drinking glass. Will the old tradition survive the transition towards the modern era?

The film won the Special Prize of Golden Lenses Awards 2017.

Director: Dmitry Konoplov
Production: Dong Shujun
Inkstone: a family portrait 澄泥砚:一个家庭的肖像
China11 minDocumentaryChinese2017

A portrait of a family living next to the yellow river, passing the craft of the inkstone from one generation to the other

Director: Shira Sznaider
Production: Wang Ziqi
Water Bonds 水·系
China11 minDocumentaryChinese2017

A water canal carved through the mountains is the lifeline of Lin County residents in China, and their source of pride.

The film follows a day in the life of Lue and Zhang, farmers from a small village on the canal. Their way of life is a vanishing relic of the last century in China.

Winner of the 3rd place of the Golden Lenses awards 2017.

Director: Klil Leon
Production: Li Peiyu, Zhu Ge
The Worker 工人
China12 minDocumentaryChinese2017

A portrait of Li Gang, A worker in the China Railway Engineering Group.

Director: Ori Birger
Production: Zhenguang Jiang
The Treasure Hunter 寻宝人
China9 minDocumentaryChinese2017

A trip in the mountains with Chungfeng, an artist and Chinese antiquitie collector.

Director: Mya Kaplan
Production: Fangying Qian
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