Watch Between the Lines
Watch Between the Lines

Video Essays made by students in the seminar course “Television Time and Space” under the direction of Dr. Itay Harlap and Ariel Avissar.
A group of students that explored, reviewed and analyzed a series or element from television much like an academic article, but instead of writing they display their findings via video.

Video Essays

Tal Avidan – The Mentality of Gilliam’s Movies
Eliran Peled –  Big Little Lies & The Directors Place in the Golden Age of Television
Gilan Herman – Master of None and Italian Neorealism
Ayelet Michaeli Walk – The New Sitcom
Bar Friedman – Technological Aids for the Refereeing of Football
Naama Rak – Redheads: Portrayal of Menstruation on TV
Naama Alfon – Downton Abbey Introduces: Madonnas and Whores
Idan Levy – Changing Key: Eurovision and the Refugee Crisis
Asher Gavriel – How Crossovers Challenge Linear Viewing Patterns
Dana Green & Ido Frances – What the Cape is Capable Of

Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 2
Tuesday, 10:00