Tricky Women: Women’s Animation films
Tricky Women: Women’s Animation films

Tricky Women is the only animation film festival which focuses on animation movies made by women. “TURBULENT TIMES, FAMILIAR PLACES”, A selection of Tricky Women films will be screened in the festival. Following the screening, there will be a Q&A with Therese Schnöll, the programmer of the festival and animator.

TURBULENT TIMES, FAMILIAR PLACEScombines current positions of Austrian female artists in animation film and gives an insight into the many techniques and work processes, with which the filmmakers shift the attention to relevant and unprecedented topics: the question where and why you feel at home (HomeStatements), what it is like to arrive in a new city where interpersonal relationships first have to be established(Shut Up Moon) and mystical city observations in reference to discarded and newly picked up things (Taipei Recyclers). The greed with which both social and ecological consciousness is shifted from commonality to singularity (YachaY).Biographical details (Garten & Schnaps), effects of boredom and opportunities(or lack of) on the periphery (Ginny) and a film that challenges the mechanisms of cinema and its perception (Machine).

Therese Schnöll participation was made possible thanks to the Austrian Cultural Forum Tel Aviv.

Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 4
Monday, 16:30
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