Program 12: Family Album / The International competition
Belgium ‎‏18 min‎FictionFrench2016

When Catherine comes to pick up her son Clément from swimming lessons, she is told that he has just molested a girl his own age. Upset by this event, she tries to understand what happened.

Director: Ely Chevillot ‎
Script: Ely Chevillot ‎
Camera: Juanita Onzaga
Editor: Raphaël Dupont
Actors: Lula Béry, Igor Van Dessel
Production: Sara Dufossé, Bénédicte Lescalier
Institut des Arts de Diffusion
The Happy Days
Argentina ‎‏‏15 min‎FictionSpanish‏2016‏

An instance in the life of a family. The individual struggles of the family when their everyday routine ranges between affection and weariness. On January 1st, Lucia and Juan decide to spend the day at the lake with their four children.

Director: Agostina Guala
Script: Agostina Guala
Camera: Alejo Mglio
Editor: Ignacio Guala
Actors: Celina Carbajal, Inaki Moreno, Matias Espino, Victoria Quijano Greco
Production: Universidad del Cine
University del Cine, Buenos Aires
India ‎‏24 minFictionHindi2016

The film revolves around the 17-year-old daughter of a middle class family, who has got pregnant without marriage. Her brother has a dilemma, whether or not to take responsibility of her fate.

Director: Sonia Saharan
Script: Sonia Saharan
Camera: Sachin Yaduvanshi
Editor: Ajay Kumar
Actors: Mukesh, Sonia, Phoolpati
Production: State intitute of Film and Television
State intitute of Film and Television
Poland‏25 minFictionPolish2016
  1. Process of an individual becoming better suited to environment and more resistant to outer stress.
  2. The ability of eyesight to adjust to seeing in the dark.
Director: Bartosz Kruhlik ‎
Script: Bartosz Kruhlik ‎
Camera: Michal Dymek ‎
Editor: Maciej Kozlowski
Actors: Michal Wlodarczyk, Malgorzata Witkowska, Dariusz Siastacz
Production: Marcin Malatynski
The Polish National Film Television and Theatre School
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 1
Wednesday, 14:00
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