Blackpills – the Insurgent Media’s Upcoming Series

Blackpills is a global insurgent media company specializing in premium digital content, unleashing the creative energies of the best established and emerging talents. Its innovative, surprising and thought-provoking short series will be available in Israel in July 2018. During the festival there will be a screening of selection of pilots from Blackpills. After the screening, there will be a panel discussion with Israeli filmmakers behind the series.


Seth and Jozen, a gay American couple, organize their son Angel’s Bar Mitzvah in Israel. They choose Lily, a larger-than-life Israeli woman as their event planner, and bring Hillary, Seth’s mother, along with them. They hope this Bar Mitzvah will be the crazy rainbow-themed party they want for the gay son they want. But things will not go as planned, and they may have to accept that their son is… different.

Director: Eytan Fox
Script: Gal Uchovsky
Actors: Ilan Peled
Production: Blackpills and Adama
Raising Hitler

Mickey and Jesse are best friends, but above all they are complete losers. Mickey lacks ambition, Jesse lacks a sex life. When Mickey concludes that Hitler is to blame for all his failures and for his crazy Jewish family, the solution becomes crystal clear: they need to go back in time and kill a young Hitler. Well, that was the plan anyway.

Director: Louis Farge
Script: Ofek Seker
Actors: : Ziad El May, Lucas Englander, Moritz Oyer
Production: Blackpills and Together Media

The story of long lost high school friends who reconnect in an unexpected way. Pete, a recently-outed gay man, and Tiff, a graduate student, hope to pick up right where they left off. But Tiff has a little secret: she is one of New York City’s top dominatrixes, and she is about to tie Pete up in her underground world of sexual secrecy and BDSM.

Director: Rightor Doyle
Script: Rightor Doyle
Actors: Zoe Levin, Bendan Scannell, Micah Stock
Production: Blackpills, Anonymous Content and Black Sheep Films
Patricia Moore

A classic “boy meets girl” set in the Australian outback. Except the girl comes from a family with peculiar taste… When the Moore’s cold storage unit goes on the fritz, they are forced to move to a populated lakeside town to fix it. There, Patricia meets Toby, an innocent local boy… So what happens when your cannibal family wants to eat your boyfriend?

Director: Blake Fraser
Script: Blake Fraser
Actors: Marlo Kelly, Danielle Cormack, Les Hill
Production: Blackpills, Cobbstar and Black Sheep Films

A taboo love story between 12-year-old Mercedes and 17-year-old Zach, who is on trial. Evidence presented in the trial will lead us to key moments in their relationship and allow us to judge for ourselves: true love or heinous crime?

Director: Jonathan Cohen-Berry, Anthony Jorge
Script: Adi Tishrai
Actors: Cleo Fraser and Jance Enslin
Production: Blackpills & CG Cinema International
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 4
Saturday, 16:00
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