Program 6: Family First / The International Competition
The Summer of Mischief
Czech Republic 28 min.FictionCzech2017

A father and his son spending their summer vacation in the pool-keeping business, at a pool abandoned in favor of a new water park nearby. When Linda, a new and intriguing client arrives and sparks a lovers’ triangle between the three.

Director: Michaela Poláková
Script: Michaela Poláková
Camera: Patrik Rams
Editor: Jakub Helis
Actors: Josef Trojan, David Novotný, Kristýna Boková, Anna Čtvrtníčková
Production: Miloň Terč
Film Academy Pisek, Czech Republic
UK 12 min.AnimationEnglish2017

Poles Apart tells the story of an unlikely meeting between Nanuk, a tough female polar bear, and Aklak, an enthusiastic male grizzly bear, brought together by their changing habitats. Together they deal with the issue of global warming from their own intimate point of view.

Director: Paloma Baeza
Script: Paloma Baeza
Camera: Jon Muschamp
Editor: Zsofia Tálas
Actors: Helena Bonham Carter, Joseph May
Production: Ser En Low
National Film and Television School, UK
Earthly People
Hungary 27 min.FictionHungarian2017

Ábel, 12, has to face the fact that his parents are living in two completely different galaxies of the universe. Now, he is faced with choosing which one he belongs to. Torn between reality and fantasy, he discovers an invention that will bring him close to one of them.

Director: Ádám Freund
Script: Ádám Freund, Ádám Fekete, János Antal Horváth
Camera: Mátyás Gyuricza
Editor: Zsófia Érdi
Actors: Zoltán Cservák, Anna Györgyi, Vivien Rujder, Áron Dimény
Production: Gábor Garami, Miklós Bosnyák, Zoltán Mártonffy
University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest
Israel 17 min.Fiction Arabic2017

Brother and sister, Muhand and Rasha, move to a new village and are subjected to ridicule and scorn as the local children know that their mother was murdered by their father in an “honor killing”.

Director: Shadi Habib Allah
Script: Shadi Habib Allah
Camera: Tamir Faingold
Editor: Shadi Habib Allah
Actors: Shahed Qussini, Jamil Saeb, Rojeh Suliman
Production: Linor Lavi
Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 1
Tuesday, 12:30
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