Iris: Screening and Panel
Iris: Screening and Panel
Israel90 min.FictionHebrew1968

The only full-length feature directed by David Greenberg, the film bears a clear autobiographical dimension as it follows the unordinary relationship between a 16 year-old girl and a 40 year-old journalist who, upon deciding to begin a new chapter in his life, leaves his family and begins editing a collection of poems from his father’s estate. The film was shot down by critics at the time, but looking back it is a beautiful film worthy of rediscovery and happens to be the first film that referred to the bohemian scene in Tel Aviv. The film was also a spectacular demonstration of local fashion which played a major role in the plot and the portrayal of the characters.

Director: David Greenberg
Script: David Greenberg
Camera: David Gurfinkel
Editor: Danny Shick
Actors: Shmulik Kraus, Liora Ramon, Hanna Rovina
Production: David Greenberg and Uri Ohali
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 4
Tuesday, 20:00
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