Islands Out of the Stream
Islands Out of the Stream

“If it was only possible to live life as if you observe a movie in a cinema theater, to sit there, watch life swaying in front of you on a lighted canvas screen, look at all the storms, love, disasters, all that entanglement, everything is just passing along and walking in front of your face without touching you, when you, for a few pounds, sit there in the dark on a chair with chocolate in your mouth and watch. Just watch.”
(From “The Rubber Merchants” by Hanoch Levin)

Sometimes it seems ok to let go of our gender and sexuality conflicts,

to sit down and witness them as they happen, without being involved, just watch. But facing this, thousands go out to the streets in the middle of Tel-Aviv’s August’s heat and march their personal and collective towards equality.

For the fourth edition of Islands in the stream, as a part of the 20th Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, a moment after the 20th pride parade in Tel Aviv, we took the islands out of the stream. We chose several remarkable film and television makers which we particularly love and invited them to choose a short movie that influenced them. You are more than welcome to a proud and surprising night where we will meet these artists, explore their choices together, their meanings and their self-getting out of the stream.  

Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 2
Thursday, 19:30
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