Silent Light / Guests Of Honor
Silent Light
Mexico 136 min. FictionSpanish, Low German, French2007

Austere drama set in a modern-day Mennonite community on the outskirts of Chihuahua. Filmed entirely in the German-derived Plautdietsch language and starring a cast of mostly non-professional actors, Silent Light weaves a poetic and affecting tale of a marital and spiritual crisis, revolving around the affair between married farmer Johan and a neighbor woman, while Johan’s wife suffers, knowingly, in silence.

Jury prize winner at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.

Subtitles: Hebrew, English

Director: Carlos Reygadas
Script: Carlos Reygadas
Camera: Alexis Zabe
Editor: Natalia López
Actors: Cornelio Wall Fehr, Miriam Toews, Maria Pankratz, Jacobo Klassen
Production: Carlos Reygadas, Jaime Romandia
Cinematheque TLV, Theatre 2
Saturday, 12:00
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