Special Events

Watch Between the Lines

Video Essays made by students in the seminar course “Television Time and Space” under the

Group 2: Best Student Films Of All Times From NYU

The International Student Film Festival is proud to present the best of films from the

Group 1: Best Student Films Of All Times From NYU

The International Student Film Festival is proud to present the best of films from the

Blackpills – the Insurgent Media’s Upcoming Series

Blackpills is a global insurgent media company specializing in premium digital content, unleashing the creative

Bar Mitzvah

Eytan Fox /
Seth and Jozen, a gay American couple, organize their son Angel's Bar Mitzvah in Israel.

Raising Hitler

Louis Farge /
Mickey and Jesse are best friends, but above all they are complete losers. Mickey lacks


Rightor Doyle /
The story of long lost high school friends who reconnect in an unexpected way. Pete,

Patricia Moore

Blake Fraser /
A classic "boy meets girl" set in the Australian outback. Except the girl comes from

First Love

Jonathan Cohen-Berry, Anthony Jorge /
A taboo love story between 12-year-old Mercedes and 17-year-old Zach, who is on trial. Evidence

Looking China

Groups of students from various film schools around the world were invited to take part

The Treasure Hunter 寻宝人

Mya Kaplan / 9 min
A trip in the mountains with Chungfeng, an artist and Chinese antiquitie collector.

The Worker 工人

Ori Birger / 12 min
A portrait of Li Gang, A worker in the China Railway Engineering Group.

Water Bonds 水·系

Klil Leon / 11 min
A water canal carved through the mountains is the lifeline of Lin County residents in

Inkstone: a family portrait 澄泥砚:一个家庭的肖像

Shira Sznaider / 11 min
A portrait of a family living next to the yellow river, passing the craft of

Tea Mountains 茶山

Dmitry Konoplov / 10 min
Through the eyes of Dai, an 82 years old passionate tea grower, we witness the

70 Years Later – The Social Documentary Project

Seventy years have passed since the leaders of the young nation gathered at the home

Tricky Women: Women’s Animation films

Tricky Women is the only animation film festival which focuses on animation movies made by

The Island

Adam Weingrod / 58 min.
An intimate glimpse into the rich human mosaic of the St. Louis French Hospital -

Double Gaze

In Germany and in Israel the basic social, cultural fabric is in a process of


Maximilian Bohl / 14 min.
Tamar, a 33-year-old Tel Aviv comics artist, watches passersby's, listens to their conversations and translates

Father of Akka

Katja Tauber and Vera Grinblatt / 19 min.
As a child, Issa committed a prank that made him the hero Abu Akka’ (The

Father Help!

Adam Souriano / 24 min.
Nico Schussler, born in Germany is a trainer in the Israeli martial arts Krav Maga,


Or Sinai / 19 min
Rachel is losing her sight to the point she can't even call her daughter, who

How to Swim

נעה גוסקוב / 14 min
Abigail, who lost her mother not long ago, is pregnant. Terrified of the coming birth,


Dana Gelman / 15 min
In the middle of the Tel Aviv bubble, a ceremony takes place every day, with

As any Other

Ruthy Wischnevsky /
The singer Korin Allal observes the Scroll of Ecclesiastes and through this process, she reexamines


Ido Weisman / 19 min
At the age of 94, Prof. Uzi Ornan who, at the end of the thirteenths’,

My Little Country

Yael Danon / 12 min
Tania, a Moldovan immigrant, works as a modalist in “Mini Israel” park since its opening.


Ortal Biener and Offek Hasid / 14 min
Teshome, a refugee staying in Holot Destination Center, received a video camera and he is

Talking to the Grave

Eliya Eizerikova / 12 min
Ben Gurion's tomb is never empty of visitors. Existential questions along with bits of information


Osher Bet Halachmi / 15 min
Osher finds a picture of his mother, Sara, almost bald, hiding behind the other photographed


Klil Kovesh / 14 min
Lea Wald, was born under the name Liza Tesler, in Dorohoi, Romania. In 1941, when

Herzl and I

Iris Lanchiano / 12 דק'
Vienna 1902. Theodor Herzl describes in his utopian novel "Altneuland" >>

Tribute to the Lodz Film School

The International Student Film Festival is honored to present a tribute to the Lodz School

Two Men and a Wardrobe

Roman Polanski / 14 min
The first film score composed by Krzysztof Komeda as encouraged and ordered by Roman Polański

Bless You

Paulina Ziółkowska / 5 min
Everyone gets sick of everyone. But things become really bad when you get sick of

The Office

Krzysztof Kieślowski / 5 min
The film made at the counter of the Social Insurance Company is a brilliant satire

The Other

Marta Magnuska / 5 min
While waiting for the arrival of the mysterious newcomer, people keep on guessing who is


Klara Kochańska / 30 min
Justyna, a young woman who’s the main protagonist in the film, buys a flat at

Take Five

Zbigniew Rybczynski / 4 min
Early experimental film from Zbigniew Rybczynski created in the use of multiple exposure of the

Squaring the Circle

Karolina Specht / 5 min
At a glance, it seems that SQUARE lives among chaos and Endless changes. Once, a

Life is Short 5: Asylum Seekers – Part 2

The Life is Short! seminar will take place this year for the fifth time. As

Life is Short 5: Asylum Seekers – Part 1

The Life is Short! seminar will take place this year for the fifth time. As

An evening in honor of Nachman Ingber

For four decades, Nachman Ingber's lessons were the gateway of first-year students to the School

Islands Out of the Stream

For the fourth edition of Islands in the stream, as a part of the 20th

Silence, music playing.

For one evening, the cinematheque plaza will become an early 20th century movie theatre. Three

Docu-Dance 2018

Dance is an art that expresses beauty, music and creativity- and at the same time can be


Hila Chessen / 19 min
Six years ago, Miri Shalem and the women of Beit Shemesh went performed a flash

Nour – نور

Ori Birger / 23 min
Nur Morse is an 18 years old Arabic boy from a small village in the

Gadi King of Israel

Ido Weisman / 18 min
When he raises his hands, thousands of dancers move to the rhythm of his footsteps.